"A hobby, as a tool for my work"


the Basic idea: knowing yourself as a team member and as a self-sufficient person through training with musical instruments (ethnic) as a relatively easy to learn and leads to quick results.

People, as is accepted in developed countries, are born equal. However, not all equally prepared to cope with the challenges posed by life. Scientists have long noted that a relatively small group of people draws on himself the burden of all the others. And this is manifested in almost all areas: work, battles, government, business and of course in the caring professions.

As experts in the field of business, the value of creative professions in the near future will only increase. And actuality is increased and originates in the changing needs of society, stress, lack of time and chronic fatigue, insomnia and loss of meaning. But how to combine a spiritual quest with the realities of urban life, consisting of mortgages, loans, utility bills, child, parents. The market is filled with new ways to read the Epistles of the human soul. Thanks to the popularization of psychological science in society, we focus on interdisciplinarity and fill methodological tools from other Sciences and even crops.

the history of mankind, the history of any state and a biography of the individual can be represented as a possible better future, the path to a better life, the fulfillment of the dream. In pursuit of the best razvijenosti also increases the value of teleskooplaadur, it is no secret that the health and vigor depend on activity, strength, readiness jelanie to act, the Foundation on which everything is built.

to GET TO the MAGICAL land.

birdsong has a certain practical meaning (attracting the opposite sex, aggression or claim on the ownership of the territory), it has limited structure and substantially rigidly fixed in the nervous system of this species (although there are some species of songbirds, able to copy other types, to improvise or even to sing a duet). The nature of human commitment to the music is much more difficult to explain. Darwin was puzzled by this phenomenon. Scientists for millennia studied the man, and to be treated, to solve problems and get what you want people helped shamans. This tradition is still alive today, only the roles were distributed in many professions: doctors, lawyers, beauticians, photographers, TV presenters, writers, psychologists, counselors, teachers become agents for the face conscious. Wealth of tools the psychological services today captures a range of neurophysiological, psychodrama framework, as well as learning about yourself through ethnic instruments. Such tools that do not need special training but to see the main – himself, necessarily. To try new ways of interacting in a team, to feel their contribution to the whole team. To use the drum in order to turn a group of employees into a cohesive team, based on cooperation, not competition got to try on a zonal workshop in early summer.

Exercises with elements of team building.

building a team as a single mechanism in a common cause – the occupation of laborious and time-consuming. We tried to adapt to each other and to be one body, one team.

1. The host asks the motive – the rest of the participants one by one to adjust to.

2. "You say the motive for the previous participant."Leading becomes the next participant and sets the rhythm for the rest.

3. "Hear the neighbor and podstrona". A copy of the previous exercise but instead of claps – instruments.
to Try yourself in the role of leader, to realize its functions and the responsibility, to remove social barriers, to gain valuable experience of convergence in joint creativity. Back when colleagues talked about the improvement of health, stress relief, raising belogorya team. This experience has enabled colleagues to take another look at each other, to see the potential that was hidden behind ramkamhaeng activities in the service. Drumming has a healing effect, as proven by not only scientific research but also on personal experience.


music Creation includes not only the mechanisms of sound perception and emotion, but also motor centers of the brain responsible for body movement and muscle work.

Arthur Givargizov in his book for children "Flight music" told the amazing story of musical instruments: "All the tools are good, but better oboe no," said the oboe player.

They oboists, so say so. And we are not oboists, we are just a bit drummers, so we say that the oboe is good, but the drum is still better. The drum came from the stone or wooden beater, which was used by more primitive people...Beethoven in the Sixth, the Pastoral Symphony with the big drum gave the sound of thunder; Shostakovich Eleventh Symphony used the big drum for the image of the gun shots. So you see, the drum is a very good thing."

to complete this essay you must make the invisible visible.

to pause to enjoy the moment. Stop to smell the flower and see the beauty of the landscape. Finally choose the time to read Borges or Kafka – isn't it the content of the resource, which helps me to live more consciously and interesting. This will not only help fill the resource quite: often work outdoors regularly to observe the vow of silence and to know themselves through ethnic musical instruments.

Maria Skurikhina
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