"After several grueling years with panic attacks, suddenly calm. There's been a few weeks. Is it possible that the PA has samosels, or will they be back?"

a clear answer in this case can not be. Let's analyze the mechanism of the PA (panic attack).

First: the syndrome of PA have to diagnose a doctor. This syndrome is very similar to a number of other anxiety disorders, sometimes combined with them, and sometimes it is a manifestation of organic disease. The chemistry of these disorders is so subtle and different that will cope with this can only a doctor. Self-diagnosis on the Internet or on the advice of friends – is not correct.

a Panic attack is the tip of the iceberg. Like any somatoform disorder, PA has a number of bodily symptoms associated with somatic diseases.

Yes, there is a set of clearly physically manifested symptoms: palpitations, chest pain, feeling of choking, dizziness, feeling of disorientation. But agree, anyone who ran a marathon, had experienced similar symptoms. PA features a very significant psychological component: panic. Importantly, so torturing to the PA – fear of dying from all these symptoms.

Agree with the same physical symptoms with the runner – the difference is purely psychological properties. Runner well aware that a certain load will cause the shifts of well-being, sometimes very critical. He got used to them and knows that they will be held under certain conditions that actually runner and controls. For him it is – the inevitable costs of achievements.

For disorders same characteristic lack of control, the unexpectedness, the lack of attack. Like other somatoform disorder, the PA also costs, but another process – the process of saying "not the body".

PA is the manifestation of the body on the unconscious or deeply ignore the internal conflict.

For some reason, people lost the ability to recognize your feelings, needs, emotions, to differentiate and adequately to Express them. When the situation is "something happening, but it is not clear what is" twisted into a tight tourniquet, the man swings on the level of reactions that are simple and do not require awareness of response body.

for Example: a person at some point of life (often in childhood) develops a model of behavior that allows him to survive. "Sit quietly, good boys sit quietly next to mom!!". And so I want like my mother, she nourishes, she protects, she sings songs and lullabies... And the boy sits quietly.

the Years go by, the boy becomes a man and kind of talented, seems intelligent, like good books... but the success, life satisfaction does not come... the Concept of "sit quietly" is not compatible with the present him where he wants some success and promotion, but you have to sit quietly...

So children's setting, at the time, helped to survive and time is not transformed is then in conflict with the current living situation. But to understand the impact of pediatric installation at your life it often happens that the person not under force.

But she radiate vague premonitions, doubts, a dissatisfaction.

But each time the face of their desires with a strange for himself behavior, the person experiences stress. Time after time, year after year. And sometimes the stress and conflict that is so great that the body just gets out of control – in our case a panic attack.

Interesting is the fact that the PA is built on the fear of death. During the PA man deeply convinced that he would die from what happens to the body and terrified of it.

the Fear of death.

on Average, every person has the understanding that death is inevitable. Yeah, thinking about it is unpleasant, but mostly to think about it once. Carries life – someone rapid achievements, someone issues.

Most people understand that living life to the fullest and effectively for old age will come the necessary fatigue. (remember the movie "grace on fire" when she calms my 11 year old daughter crying at night because of the fear of death, the following words, "Oh, silly, when you're 40 you'll dream about when we can die!").

But if life is "passing by", or you feel you can't master it, or did not start "really" is a conflict. With a fairly high level.

Existential (sense), the void generally is a very powerful platform for somatoform disorders, including PA.

the Questions "who am I?" "why am I?" arise in almost all. Everyone finds their way to cope with this phenomenon. However, people who are unable adequately to get to the surface, to evaluate their experiences and move towards their resolution – the answer to these questions engaged in the body: symptoms and syndromes.

But back to our question: to treat or not to treat a panic attack?

a Panic attack is not treated in the sense of pharmacotherapy. Of course, medication is taken under the control of the symptoms, a person is taught behavior. But PA is eliminated via resolution gave rise to its conflict. This is done in psychotherapy.

of Course, it may happen that the course of life has allowed man to extend his psychological resource, your mental immune system, has pushed for some action, priapism, and possibly allow the internal conflict. Then of course "the syndrome, yet!".

Perhaps someone at some time came out of collision with his life contrary to the installation environment.

But as for me – I purposefully work on that.

Fortunatova Oksana
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