alpha training — for use in neurotherapy method of treatment based on connecting the human to the computer with sensors biofeedback (equipment certified by Ministry of health of the Russian Federation).

the Goal is to exercise a conscious influence on brain activity, its significant increase or decrease, without resorting to pills.

the human Brain creates a lot of thoughts and each of them, a small electric current with a frequency from 4 to 40 cycles per second.

for Example, during sleep the brain is dominated by electric currents with a frequency of 2 to 8 Hz. They are called Delta and theta rhythms. If you compare the brain of a sleeping with the radio, it will transfer with the sounds of quiet lapping of the river waves in the solar bezverny noon.

In the quiet state of relaxation with eyes closed in the brain is dominated by currents with a frequency of about 10 Hz. Meditation creates that frequency.the
Brain meditating yoga can be compared with the radio transmission on the air calm relaxing music.

That will show the device "of biological feedback", we plug it to the woman? We would see:
blue level of relaxation, red - concentration level brown - level dreams and dreaming, on a scale of 100%.

But in the modes of active mental stress or strong emotional experience, the brain generates microcurrents frequency from 20 to 40 Hz.

the brain of a chess player during the match "sprints" up to a frequency of 40 Hz. It is an active mental work and concentration. However, the same regime demonstrates the brain of a neurotic (red bars) in moments of the most severe agony and suffering. Therefore, neurotics are exhausted - their brain is actively "working".

Turning on the imaginary radio wave of the most violent propaganda and uproar, you will vividly imagine what the brain at a frequency of 40 Hz.

But usually the person feels only indirectly and not clearly understood which mode is his brain. He may even feel that he is "calm and relaxed". However, he is overcome “heavy thoughts”, sweating during sleep or insomnia. Many years do not understand what is happening to them and where the relationship.Another conversation - when a patient connected to the apparatus “of biological feedback”. Seen for a few minutes - as “at a glance”. Especially when after a request "to relax" significant changes are observed. In the above image, red shows the high level of mental and emotional stress (75%) of one of my patients during the diagnostic session, and attempts to "calm down".

the Device “of biological feedback” turns invisible and inaudible to us thoughts and their design - clear hearing and eye irritants - the music, the colors on the computer screen. And they are changing after the events in the processes.

Thus, you can not only see/hear prevailing at the moment the mode of operation of the brain, but also to actively influence the process. "Thinking" or "thinking".

the Purpose and result of alpha training is successfully overcome insomnia, anxiety, and fears with the help of conscious influence on the mental activity of the brain and its rhythms.

as anxiety and high mental stress rhythm of the brain is shifted in frequency 20-40 Hz, alpha training encourages a person to have such thoughts, which are in the region of alpha activity, i.e. 10 Hz.

And for the thoughts themselves to follow difficult and sometimes impossible. Whether it is a computer with sensors on your body. He vigilantly monitors all the electrical impulses of the brain and picks up a “quiet mind.”

once a person finds a conscious effort techniques for inner relaxation and calm, the device of “biological feedback” reinforces successful attempt at relaxing music.

If the person opposite, beginning to worry, worry, restless to think is "radio brain" at full speed, it drowns out the quiet background music of a computer program, if not it stops.

Rhythms of the brain - prior to the introduction into medicine of the devices of neural therapy and “biofeedback” - were inaccessible to control by consciousness.

what yogis have spent 10-20 years of meditation practice, now available for 5-10 sessions in the presence of the device “bio-feedback”. The quality, depth, and subjective effect of yoga-meditation and alpha training are exactly the same.

Matching via the device of your thoughts and inner feelings to external signals that serve as a vehicle of their awareness, a person comes to their mental discernment and, consequently, to successful independent use outside of a medical office.

In my psychotherapeutic practice alpha training, as one type of neural therapy, has proven itself the most effective method. I actively use it in therapeutic programs for the treatment of insomnia, getting rid of fears and obsessions, skill acquisition, therapeutic relaxation and a quick rest.

the Course includes 10 sessions 2 times a week for 30 minutes in the clinic and at home or office break room.

At the same time I use the instrument the abstraction of signals not only the brain but also the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

“alpha training“ is the basis of meditation techniques, which achieves deep relaxation (relaxation) training and entry into a special state of consciousness associated with slowing of the frequency of the electrical activity of the brain (in the section "Healing dream").

In the “alpha activity” of the brain produces a large amount of internal sedatives, biological substances, happiness and rejuvenation. It has a powerful antirefugee and revitalizing effect not only on the psyche but also on the entire human body.

Other training will be considered in “Beta training”, “Theta training”, “Brain training in children with ADHD”.

Filatov, Yaroslav
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