"a Fan drive threw friends to the light, and the bus passengers to the hospital." This is one of the titles of articles on the Internet, brooding over the terrible accident in St. Petersburg on September 9, a participant (and the reaction of the press - the instigator) who was a 19-year-old Roma, the owner of the BMW that killed three of his friends. and he with 1% hope for life (according to the operating surgeons) was in the Alexander hospital. That's where I consulted at the request of the guardian, his grandmother. After two weeks of intensive care he was transferred to "co-trauma". A relative mistakenly thought that his disturbed sleep, wandering at night, ridiculous phrase, motor restlessness (he tossed on the bed, threw at me, sitting beside him on the chair, his foot touched something with your hands) - experiencing stress, I'm a neurologist assured her that it was the result of concussion of the brain. Roma answered some questions, asking the grandmother. But the main interest to me is information I got from the guardian. Grandma and Roma allowed me to analyze the possible psychological causes of the accident and to publish his view of the therapist as to what happened.

"hotrod. Headless! Killer! Where did the money for WWII?!", all this is shameful patterns of the insane, devoid of depth, ability to comprehend, to analyze something in an individual, particularly the psychological key of the society. I want to shout thunder; "Where are you, dear PSYCHOLOGY?!, Strike a least a quarter of a brain each, reason with, put man on himself, not the world, let him know what shit its projections it is pouring outside, not coping with their own negativity. And the Lord free us from criticism and condemnation.

around ten Naad working in a heart hospital, I was involved in the psychological study of families, more parents who have lost young or small children in strange. "tragic" circumstances. Mother. the Pope was received with heart disease, related to powerful psychological trauma depression, neurosis. But I was more interested in ushedshee children. What they felt and did naneskolko months, weeks before his death, "saying goodbye to the world" ( and they really said goodbye), which was my parents ' premonitions, visions. dreams (and they really were), what the circumstances of the death (16-year-old Stepan was choking on a piece of cake, for example, and Sasha, first time atroseptica to her grandmother in the village, with the neighbor boy sat down in a tractor turned over on him. the boy jumped, and Sasha's pant leg became entangled in the door), what the characters were small children, what is this "sudden death syndrome in seven year old Katie, crouched on a Mat in the bath and no longer stood with him. What phrases desires at the peak of the strong emotions they were thrown into space. and much more. This should be a separate article.

Now about rum. He was two and a half years when his mom died. The boy did not see her death, but he remembered her. and with three and a half years all the time was going to her hospital. "How mom?" he asked. When the desire to buy "Beja to her to go and bring home enough she boleti and live?" Grandma said that in five years he just shouted to the world that "when afford to buy Beja, then go with all for her mother, because no one but him to bring her here!. and he will do it himself!" It was even an obsession (according to grandmother). He often thought about Behe, and the mother was preparing, growing up, reading magazines, cut out pictures. And so the Granny for 8 years saving up money even for a used BMW. And when date got the rights, even of thought, to buy him something else was not. "He's childhood was waiting for this to Behe. to go over to mom..." of Course increasing student understanding, acceptance mind.that mom will never be what she died. and continued to live, to learn. to care for a sick grandfather. to help Babushka. But the most loaded of the strongest emotions a child's wish is the command. maybe the spell it is LITERALLY (specifically) the program was included in the subconscious and were waiting for execution. Maybe so the guy couldn't explain himself, not the rostvenniki. no friends why so famously rides on his Behe, podrasnica girl with a scythe. It is not headless, to reach the older children. And so, having collected people the full car (though the plan was to carry only the friend, but friends. including devochkam like to be near good Roma) he's fortunate to the woman, or rather devushke his friend. Isn't it the point of coupling with the long-standing specific unconscious "dream" (and all of us Sesto that the subconscious has no concept of time, and all the information it encodes specifically "To mom, to mother. Where is she, there and you. And mom's already there..." And 99% of Roma had to be "there"... Probably. the love of a grandmother, who lost a daughter, "the doctors" may have kept him on this earth. By the way Babushka via Roma his old guilt worked: the daughter is not saved, passivicable. so now fighting for his grandson, takes the initiative, though, and the teacher, is correct, need to trust the medicine.But no, the template in this context is not appropriate. "Fight for grandchild, pull your doctors, therapist plug. And you'd be right. Freed from that distant guilt-pain" Let's hope that the program, though in such a tragic way is still closed. and to criticize, condemn we do not have rights. God forbid enough of a lifetime with their domestic shit to sort out, brighter, cleaner. kind, open become. And you know, the world is-rastali, Yes, sort of we. No, it's your Shadow (according to Jung) is projected onto the surroundings. turn to her and Pasha on it, and rake analyze. Cleanse each inner apartment, house. and the street. and the country will become prosperous. And what are the media, popular subjects peredachek, it is possible to judge and about "single-celled" the level of our psychological development.

something Like that. There are many cases in my practice with similar affective charged orders the unconscious. By the way Roma "extremely strong-willed guy." And I noticed at strong-willed personalities, accompanied by strong affect desire literally kalachivka in reality. Itself six years ago the victim of his "cry" was. And two years ago the group was the case. The woman said about his problem with his mother. And in the process shouted: "I want to live without her" And the band supported her, "Yes, live without it," the Strongest emotion then we walked. I said, "be Careful with the purpose to clarify how you lose her" But the woman waved. The important thing is that the whole team supported it. The next day the mother of the patient - sudden death syndrome. Though it didn't hurt anything serious, and thromboembolism was not... Budte careful with your desires, the subconscious perceives them seriously, and they have property to come true, even if they have been forgotten......

Irina Vladimirovna
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