"And what is above, similar to that at the bottom..."


Each of us lives in two worlds – the subjective and objective are two realities in and around us. Two equitable life have an impact on all our lives.

Our vision, philosophy, our beliefs and the beliefs, perceptions about the world, thoughts and knowledge, our relationship with ourselves and the world around, imagination and dreams, feelings and emotions - all of this can be attributed to the subjective. This world we fill our life experience, joy, hope, doubt, pain, expectations. It is in the subjective world lies the success of therapeutic search.

it is Important to emphasize that we humans are the subjects. We are creators, not puppets. My whole life we develop a system within each world and then make connections, build bridges between them. If the system is robust and consistent, and at the same time, lively and conceptualized, this is what our life experience helps us in our existence. But if the balance within the system is broken, our reality becomes like a daily marathon of failures.

for Example, if I consider myself a loving, inclined to care for others, honest, and all my experience confirms it - great. But what if my child upsets me so much that I can't find a place from my bottled-up anger and resentment? And if I deceived man and took advantage of his weakness? What happens if my image of myself would contradict my own behavior and actions? Two worlds will collide. What then? I can understand and make changes to the system to make it more realistic and thereby to restore the balance. What if finding a collision of the real and desired, I feel this mismatch is so dangerous for my system that will begin to suppress your own feelings? br>
We diligently avoid any changes, even if we wish them aloud and know what can be done. We know table of contents, but often run away from living of this problem. We are afraid to get acquainted with the subjective, to delve into it and find what we miss so dearly. I can offer You my help in this.

Author: Samir Aliyev.

Samir Aliyev
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