"Antidepressiva". A simple technique to the client's home!


There are three main indicators, which indicate the presence of depression is:

Depressed mood, regardless of the circumstances, for a long time (two weeks or more) and loss of interest or pleasure from previously enjoyable activities.

the Sharpening of thinking on the negative judgments, pessimistic view of what is happening

Motor retardation, lethargy, lethargy, severe fatigue, "fatigue", characterized by the stability of this status (for example, during the month)

Watch the video until the end to learn about the 3 easy steps of ANTIDEPRESSIVI.

Depressive symptoms can occur for various reasons, will call the big three:

the Classic depression is quite often caused by excessive activity of internal criticality, which first puts the inflated standards of the individual, and secondly, it devalues any achievement that leads a person to sense their own "badness", of unworthiness, inferiority, and futility. In critical situations this condition can lead of the individual even to suicide attempts, because his opinion of himself tells him that he is a burden to others, and without it all would be better.

Such people often deny themselves the praise and slander myself a lot of negative. Interesting is the fact that trying to encourage such a person, or to tell him something nice about him, do not bring results, because in this moment he feels that he was misled by a good man, and it may even aggravate his condition.

Another type of depression is a neurosis, it is called "chronic fatigue syndrome". Its cause lies in the depletion of the nervous system in consequence of workaholism or neglecting the needs of the body to rest.

Another cause of depression may be age crisis. It is a condition in which old people act, and under the new, still can not. Crises in life happen in connection with passing them to the next life stage, a kind of transition to a higher level. The most famous crisis of middle age, which catches up with the man about forty years of age, however, there are other crises: childhood, adolescence, adulthood, etc.

Depression associated with the crisis caused by the decline of self-esteem, high anxiety because of the uncertainty of the future, and also because of the loss of meaning of life. For example: when a man learns at the Institute, he easily predicts his future, what's waiting for him in a month and a year, however, finishing his studies, he loses a clear plan, and gets into a new environment full of unpredictable opportunities and threats.

dealing with depression is not easy even for a professional psychologist. Moreover, as we discussed, the causes of depression can be different and hence the approaches also differ greatly.

So tell us about the innovative approach that will help to deal not with the causes but with symptoms of depression, which is not unimportant.

long-term clinical observations of scientists in depressed people has led them to understand that people suffering from depression, there is a shortage of such emotions as "interest", which is expressed in apathy, lethargy, deprivation of energy. You yourself probably have noticed that, if a person is interested to live, it is hard to find in the doldrums, but if someone is stuck in the boredom, the sadness comes to him by itself.

For the prevention of depression and stimulation of the emotions "interest" I would recommend to do the following:

- first, to pay regularly in my life more novelty and change. As you know, routine and everyday life make life boring and not interesting. For example, you can go to work another route to take for lunch the unfamiliar dish to go to some interesting place (theater, Museum, nature...), to travel to other countries to rearrange the furniture in the room, paint the hair in, update clothes, and many more.

- secondly to increase their social activity. After all, the most interesting and mysterious object in the world for people is the person and his personality. So communication with friends, meeting new people, participating in social groups – it all is able to maintain interest and to bring joy.

- Well, and thirdly, to intensify its imagination and thinking, creating a set of realities in their imagination. This can be achieved reading books, doing art, inventing, talking about life patterns, etc.

Regularly practice these three steps to stimulate the emotion of interest, and you will quickly notice their positive healing effect.

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Alexander Petukhov
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