Published with the permission of the client, description of the dialogue with the mother in which the mother was distressed that her adult daughter leaves in the evening, the child with his father: “And what will they do? From him to her (granddaughter) to sense as from a goat of milk.”
By the way - the child has good contact with the father and my client already knows - these tips her to anything and the boundaries of their own families are already constructed. Second marriage and second child, and the years of work have borne fruit.
And if you imagine that the daughter married, gave birth to and used to listen to mom and allows her to influence - what can we expect? Is there a chance for the preservation of the family, the fact that all the word men in this house had a weight? To ensure that children have the right to respect of his father and he had the opportunity to chat with them as he sees fit, without amendments, criticism and depreciation of his personality? Very doubtful this possibility. Of course, if he doesn't take them in the divorce. If the child remains with the mother in the course are manipulations of all kinds. After power on her side, and besides - she is the victim who is forced to care for that baby around the clock-because “he isn't , not getting alimony from him, too – in short- “as from a goat of milk.”
And so is insulting for women, men and children. After all, how much you want to blame the irresponsibility of men (I do not condone it at all) – but while the woman – “a horse with eggs” or “bull” (as I read the review in the next post)- she will let men realized in many ways, and pass this scenario by inheritance. Not necessarily becoming a “Vedic wife” - I personally believe it's skewed in the other direction. We are talking about basic respect for the equivalent partner. the
And respectful of yourself, of course. Because if it is, the habit is to take care of yourself, build your life , not waiting for a Prince that will change everything - then we cease to put pressure on men to desire to obtain from them what we owe our parents, and thank you for received. If a woman planted your garden , carefully and lovingly cares for him - she has many chances to meet a man who also has a garden and they can visit each other's homes , and then to do a joint area. If there is a sense of self-worth – we pass by irresponsible men, we are not interested to play for them the role of mother, which indicates and controls.
an Equivalent position is a great gift that every woman can make yourself and your partner. And to teach this to their children.
However, we must not forget to return the phrase “ as from goat milk” at the address otherwise why bother the man if I can do it all yourself? It is also a position and I respect her. Everyone chooses for himself what suits him more.

Berezovskaya Jadwiga
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