recent forum raised the issue about where are stored traumatic memories of the past? This topic can be viewed from many positions in different psychological directions is their understanding of this issue. But if you look at it from the point of view of the soon neurophysiological positions that in the end we will receive?

   there is No man on Earth who would have been spared the traumatic experience. Even the most harmonic options education will not keep us from colliding with the imperfections of this world and does not take into account all the situations that we may injure. Would be better if we lived without pain or harder and more dangerous when you have no experience errors, even if my knees are broken down in the blood?

  Because these memories are so quickly transformirovalsya in the conditional reflex, summarizes our brain that we are expecting danger where there is none! Our brains all the time on the lookout, proved that we experience panic, even in situations where the statistics of 10 million people will bad only ONE in 20 years!

 Our mother, boss, husband, love, the clerk at the store  only to frown and our mirror neurons are already alert us about potential danger! Oh, is not easy with such a level of generalization on everything to expect dangers!

 Luck Medusa! Her brain is not capable of generalization! She once burned and then not expecting danger from the same or a similar subject! Himself quietly floating on the sea the ocean and “wherever I go!»

the Human brain, connects the past pain with potential future pain.

How to use the advantages of the device of our brain and less suffer from giperborei that make us worry even where there is no danger?

Try to do some exercises and to better understand yourself and your brain!


Examine Your personal alarm system!

   Traumatic memories in the brain creates a neural connection that works to protect us. But these “good intentions" of sometimes harassed by the expectation of trouble. Until we learn to recognize negative emotions and feelings, to catch even small fluctuations of cortisol inside of us, we will not be able to affect your emotions and behavior, to confront the fact that we deem grotesque and not useful.

We, of course, will be able to avoid negative emotions,  because the neural pathways for them already created. But when we understand that this is an old response to an old threat, it is much easier to stop looking for her a new confirmation, and a negative feeling decreases in intensity and gradually disappearing.

Let's examine the situation and feelings of danger, anxiety, embodied in the neuronal relationships in different periods of our lives. Writing and trying to recognize them during the day, it will be easier to control their condition.

  1. Anxiety, fear, and other negative emotions which we have experienced in unosti:


  • Trevoga fear, and other negative emotions which we have experienced in detstve:
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Trevoga fear, and other negative emotions that passed us roditeli:
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Trevoga fear, and other negative emotions that unites your environment, circle obsheniya:
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Progress in the knowledge of himself,  reduce anxiety expectations from life.

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