Not all women want to have children. Of course there are the advocates of beliefs like "all you want, but some are just wasting time", but the fact remains. My conversations with many women confirm it. These women are healthy, smart, socially constructed, fully developed, successful. Really don't want. Such a decision. No fool.

Reasons to dismantle now I'm not. They are usually a composite. If you will request it, and plead another time. In the meantime, about the notorious "clock".

Probably not such childless women age 25+ that has not heard in his address "the clock is ticking". But, for those who don't know, a brief explanation. It will be enough. There is a view of the fertile period, the period of life in which a woman is able to conceive. He ends up in all different ways. Sometimes the climax comes at 35 and is at 60. But, on average, age 48 plus or minus 3 years. And yet, of course, the older a woman is, the higher the risk of any problems associated with childbirth. So, the clock is not just ticking, ticking, accelerating.

This expression means "have time to give birth". The image of flowing time inspires strong existential anxiety. If a woman wants a child, then it is really important to have time to give birth. And if you don't want to or don't know the meaning of "hours" an important change. For her, it will mean "things to make a decision." The difference is significant. Explain why.

"have time to give birth" is not for all women. It fit a certain standard and the deprivation of the right choice. Of course, this is an important warning for those who have not thought about what breed it is not always possible. But the wording itself as if to enter motherhood in a binding life program. We really do not choose to be born or not, to die or not. And everything else between these two points can be selected. And to bear for their choices responsibility. In my opinion, that's fine.

"Things to decide" sounds respectful. It retains and its primary function momento mori and choice. The woman returns responsibility. And whatever her decision, she still will have to deal with its consequences. Any.

This is a test I write with great respect to those who have children and those who don't. As well as to children themselves. I don't have kids and at the moment this is my choice. I'm glad. But things can change and I too will be glad. And I'm glad that the time for decision-making in women enough. That's a pretty big part of my life, for which you can manage to get an education, build a career, to marry, to live for yourself in marriage to him. During this time, changes occur in the circumstances on which the decision often depends. And it is not necessary to hurry with him and, especially, to rush. A child should be wanted. He has that right.

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