"deja vu": this to me has ever happened...
deja vu – a special mental state in which a person suddenly comes the understanding that what is happening to him in the present time of the event (meeting with someone, a conversation, a visit to some place etc.) definitely occurred sometime in the past. That is, it is already as it were, lived, then somehow forgot and then suddenly remembered. Deja vu is a kind of inspiration-remembering some bright flash in the brain when a person suddenly feels that he knows exactly what will happen next, what the words say, what deeds will do, it will all end. At the same time, people can navigate the space, things and objects, as if he knows, if he's here already once was. In General if to try to say briefly: deja vu is a strong sense, if the data of the event (meeting, conversation, a thought, an action, etc.) with a man has ever occurred.
According to observations of psychologists, the feeling of deja vu feel almost all people on earth, regardless of gender and nationality. For scientists, this means that the feeling of deja vu for the human brain, it is rather the norm, not pathology. So frightened of this feeling is absolutely not necessary. According to polls, on average, a person can experience a feeling of deja vu about three to five times. It is interesting that there are two nuances: a feeling of deja vu most often found in the age from 14 till 30 years (that is, typical for younger people). And it often occurs with well-educated, at least well-read and thinking people. To people ignorant and unintelligent deja vu comes very rarely.
How to understand and appreciate this amazing feeling of deja vu people thought from the most ancient times. The simplest explanation was the creation of the concept of the immortality of the human soul in the form of rebirth. It formed the basis of ancient religions type of Brahmanism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. the Creators of these religions said that a bright flash of memories – a sure sign that the soul of the person has already passed through several cycles of rebirth, have gained a set of memories. Itself as deja vu is nothing more than the coincidence of today's events with similar events that have taken place in a past life.
About the same way I thought and the ancient Greeks. In the writings of the philosopher Plato, his teacher Socrates, says a lot about the so-called "recall" when the soul of man suddenly remembers his previous life experiences. The Romans adopted this approach to himself, he is described by Cicero and Pliny the Elder.
In the Middle ages, Europeans had much more difficult. The fact that to explain déjà vu memories of the soul of past lives and rebirth was possible only in simple societies, where for centuries life has been played virtually unchanged, in fact – copied. The society in Europe sample of developed and late middle Ages – a society of Progress and technological civilization. Accordingly, to explain deja vu with remembrances from a past life has become impossible: all too well understood that, thanks to the ongoing invention of water mills, cannons, muskets, Galleons and manufactures, and the clothes sewed on new European fashion such in past lives simply do not exist at all! And if so, then deja vu is associated with these and many other objects could be in principle. the
Questions about deja vu was asked of the Christian Church. The Church either ignored them, or in the era of the reformation (Luther, Calvin, etc.) explained that deja vu is nothing but "divine enlightenment", which is intended to be a kind of "divine signal a warning", which sends the man his angel. This signal is sent to heaven only to people with good reputation, sincere believers. Divine data signals it is important to evaluate and to interpret, to understand what they are implying what you should do in this situation. Including recommended to go for explanations in the next temple and chat with the priest.
Since the age of 15-16 centuries it's been a whole five hundred years. Modern science (psychophysiology, neurology, psychology, psychiatry, etc.) also seeks to understand what kind of "short circuits" occur in the brain at a moment of deja vu. There are several versions explaining this phenomenon. One of the most common concepts sounds like. The bark of the big hemispheres of the human brain is a few billion nerve cells called neurons, which not only store all information about our lives (other people, events, conflicts, dreams, experiences, losses, troubles, disappointments, etc.), but it somehow processed. We must understand that our brain never sleeps. Even when we are asleep, actually asleep only our consciousness, is only one element of the human psyche. And the brain is working, working and again working.
One of the important functions of the human brain is predictive, so to speak, the predictive function. The task of the brain is to process all available information to the brain, therefore, to offer to his master-the person as much as possible variants of the further development of scenario of any situation in his life. This is perfectly reflected in the well-known folk wisdom: "tomorrow is another day!". And all because while a person sleeps, his brain for the night worked out the key solutions to the problem tasks in the morning and proposed a final proposal.
and deja vu. With a variety of tasks (unpleasant, or, on the contrary, good conversation, the need to go to some new place or situation), our brains are feverishly working on dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of scenarios. And if the real put a person in this option (actions, speech, place), which was 100% designed, is supposed to picture the possible-the virtual coincides with reality, the brain would joyfully shout "BINGO! HIT!" and some seconds, not living in the real, in a pre-established brain, a virtual version of his biography. Actually this is deja vu. That is, déjà vu is a moment of complete coincidence of the virtual reality that was created by the brain, with the reality of the present. When the brain is very satisfied with his work, and his boss – man is slightly stunned from the clarity of the impression, which is that the current reality, paradoxically, as if creeps on the elaborate past, which in fact turned out to be the future. In this sense, deja vu is backwards, time: future, as yet unaccomplished events and feelings sort of run themselves, created by the creative brain of minutes, days, weeks, or even years ago. By the way, why the brain of people who are intelligent and well-read often hits the mark: it just has more input needed for the calculations of information.
overall, deja vu is an interesting paradox in the human brain, the phenomenon is fascinating, but completely natural and with any mysticism not linked. As the man himself many times passing deja vu, I'm glad that this feeling is: it adds spice in our life. Interesting and useful to you deja vu!

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