the Situation
"Each step as an OPPORTUNITY":

1. The balance in a difficult situation, doubts, emotional burnout, etc. For this scenario, You will need a blank sheet of A4 (can more if desired), and a pen. You can use a variety of versatile deck MAC. The technique developed under my Author's pack "Box of POSSIBILITIES". For example, we used a deck of "HE"
2. Mix all five sets of cards-capabilities: TRAP, ATTENTION, FEAR, HELP, ONLINE together. Or to take any other midrange deck MAC.
3. With the question "What is the opportunity I have to exit or resolve this situation?" drawn face down from the pack one card and put it in the center of the sheet, tentatively flipping it face up.

4. Further, having studied the map and the words to it, – from the map of rays in all directions writing – if You would consider this as a POSSIBILITY, then the POSSIBILITY of what would it be? For example, only a TRAP. And You looking at her, writing that the possibility of nullification or holiday for You, the Opportunity to start from the bottom and start anew, and perhaps to choose another path!

5. Then get a second card and also work with it. Rays-the words can be colored with crayons or paints – connecting thus the technique of art therapy.

6. Next, pulling the next card and work by analogy with the first two. These cards can be somewhat – see intuitive – how to change Your status in the process enough for You or not.

7. At the end of the scenario, all the cards can be removed and leave only the words/phrases-rays and read them for yourself – it will be a great potential of energy and resources in You and in the environment, on which You can count in this and any other situation. The main thing is to remember that everything around You, EVERYTHING is a window of opportunity!!!

In our example, we saw that answer, it appears, has turned seven! Went Association with Tsvetik-Semitsvetik from the cartoon. And when I removed the card from the center, I wanted to draw this flower-flower! And each petal painted in the color which is associated with the recorded phrase/resource/opportunity.

the Result is a burst of energy and a sense of confidence. "Spread" the heat around the body. There is already a fix on the situation, on the problem. Is excited about new ideas and most want to do what is interesting.

awareness of You, prosperity and welfare!
With respect and faith in You,
Author - the friendly Psychologist Julia Durymanova

* you may use this technique with the attribution

Durymanova Julia
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