"From osinki will not be born apelsinka..." Or can I change fate?

How many people just want to change your destiny!
And a lot of those who not only dream, but also do a lot for this.

Even fewer of those who turned out!

But they are, and means to change destiny - it is reality!

What is affected that hinders the change?

this says a lot and yet I will Express my opinion based not only private, but also professional experience.

1. We are the children of their parents. It is an absolute fact! And we absorb with mother's milk and the smell of father's parental scripts, and the whole set of generic programs that define life in these scenarios.

Minus or plus?

neither that, Nor another! This is the base, the Foundation from which we start, to build their own lives. And how we use it is our choice. He may be unconscious, but still a choice.

2. Fears. It is our internal sensations in response to external circumstances (and other emotions), and they occupy an important place and play an important role in our lives. And if we allot this place, it does not occupy all the space, paralyzing our actions.

Minus or plus?

neither that, Nor another! It's part of us that we just need to learn how to interact and use to their advantage. And how we use it is our choice.

3. The desire for stability. It is the notorious "COMFORT ZONE" that everyone is talking about.

Minus or plus?

neither that, Nor another! This is an adequate desire to have stability in their lives. At the same time, life is a constant evolution and stability without development, no. Even the tree vrasta roots in the ground, continuously develops and dies in the end.

And we, the people, are born, grow, develop and die. SO THERE! WE DO NOT EDIT!

And our "COMFORT ZONE" is constantly changing. Even as adults, creating a family and finding a stable job, changes in relationships, maturing children, leaving the parents disagree with the way friends change colleagues, etc. So there! This is the life! And if very strongly tied to stability, with each such change occurs, the breakdown of the "COMFORT ZONE" becomes a "ZONE of DISCOMFORT". It hurts to be, but it's difficult to get out.

And again, just our choice to decide to live in the "ZONE of DISCOMFORT" and cling to the teeth, afraid to let go of resentments, people or use events and to treat it as a "DEVELOPMENT ZONE".

And, in my opinion, the most difficult thing is for man to reverse its decision, potreblenie generic and social programs that "From osinki will not be born of oranges" and his "COMFORT ZONE" will never change.

Change begins at the moment of cancellation of the decision. And to cancel it often requires professional support, and to work with tribal and social programs, and those traumatic situations that still supported the resulting set of action options. But it is possible!

Yes, this work is not one hour or one session, and change will occur more than one month.

And when I hear arguments like: "I Have now no time for this", I have questions:

- You are going to live forever, if you've lived so long without changing anything?
- You know how much you released?
- You want to repeat this life in the next incarnation?

If you answered "no" to even one question, it is worth to try, because life will end anyway. One way or another. And suddenly you too will succeed and you will realize what you dream, you create your own good fortune?

Like many of my clients.

If you are willing to change, I gladly will help you with this.

Write and we'll arrange a time for a preliminary consultation.

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