Thanks to the advice of marketers I picked 1 niche: the relationship men and women. So now my stuff will be devoted to the topic.

In mid-April I conducted a survey among its podeschi, clients and friends of girls about which issue they care about most in a relationship between a man and a woman.

the Unconditional leader on number of nominations became the subject of gifts! Unselfish you are mine... =)

the Questions asked are:

- If I want gifts, does that mean I'm materialistic?

- Why do some girls men presented with gifts, including expensive, while others get "shish on vegetable oil"?

- whether to ask for? And if so, how?

- What kind of woman I want to bestow?

- How to accept gifts and what to do if the gift is not like?

the first question I will answer directly in this article.

Mercantile You or not depends on what You're with a man, that is, from the meaning of Your relationship. If You want only the gifts exclusively the benefits of an men if it You're not interested, indifferent, Yes, You are materialistic.

Use the men treat them as an object (in this case the ATM) and not as a subject, that is, as a function and not as an individual. This is even taught in some trainings. How to use men.

But it's not really up to me, I'm still for a more humane attitude, and not to forget that the Earth is round. Today You used one, did dishonestly, tomorrow someone will do the same to You, all comes back like a boomerang, and sometimes from an unexpected quarter.

But if You want gifts, and in this respect man, love and appreciate it, all right. For women it is absolutely normal to want gifts.

Just agree that gifts is not the goal of the relationship, and gradually resulting from a harmonious relationship bonus.

Thank you all for participating in the survey. Thanks to your help I understand what topics are most interesting to you, because I want to record the-presume relevant to you.

I decided to create a series of 5 articles, including this one, in which I

- give all the answers to these questions,

- a personal experience

- and tell me what to do to bask in the gifts. 😻

I Will be glad to comments and requests!

Your psychologist Sophie Lemus

Sophie Lemus
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