"Good wife from men don't leave"


a List of what the parting with a loved one will help:

- guilt, self-aggression - will not be helpers in the experience of the period of separation. "Good wife from men don't leave" , "what kind of a woman who doesn't value family" , "you have to keep the family together at any cost" , "you're the man here and pay until the end for their mistakes" - these phrases, which will achieve any. So says the collective fear of being alone. If in your environment there are people who are in "sympathy" you pronounce it - Ob'yasnite that words only hurt you! If you can't hear - ask them to change the topic or shorten the conversation. Of course , others are entitled to their opinion and are not obliged to change it, but it now brings you pain. You can talk to other topics.

- Wine is a stone which is thrown adults people not to come into contact with the inner pain. There is no guilt. Worse comes when this begins the path of manipulation, revenge, imposing the other of its position or Vice versa the silence that really is .
If you look for reasons who is really to blame - you can go very far, claims are always mutual. Stop, all was not perfect, just because people. So. Attempts to prove that another go sometimes very far away. Honestly. Stop.Stay just people. br>
- Be honest . Taking the decision to leave - be honest - if you need time to think means time to think, indicate how much respect the feelings of another - do not expect that he would be glad, saying to himself. br>
Stomp, scream, cry, walk , talk, you experienced a loss ( and grief). Even if you are the initiator . Grief work is from 1 to 3. ( if relief does not occur - it means "netreflector" feelings - help specialist). Accept yourself in the failures - each time they will be less painful and shorter. br>
- Any Resources - withdrawal anxiety, meditation, grounding, walking, writing, drawing, running, communication, red shorts and champagne ))

- Take inside little decisions - without the perfectionism, any decision ( even if you change it tomorrow) will give support and reduce anxiety. "I'll wait, and he will return and come to their senses" is a solution about the other. Decide for yourself, "I now wash my dishes, cook a meal, now I cry, now walk, now I want something"

- All the distortions - I'm a bad, life sucks, I'm never going to be happy are temporary. br>
Give yourself a chance at happiness and a time to live with the loss.

Anna Klimovsky
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