of the Disease may be caused by external psychological factors and on how people relate depends on how often there are stresses. We always choose the method of communication that is familiar and understandable. Sometimes we don't even think about the fact that the other party probably is not interesting and not even acceptable. Once we understand how to convey information to the interlocutor, we will achieve mutual understanding.The person perceives information through five main channels: visual, auditory, tactile, gustatory, olfactory. depending on this there are 4 types of personality: are visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and digital personalities.
  • Visuals. Their perception was made following at the visual image.
  • Auditory. Their perception is based on sounds.
  • Kinestetike. Their perception relies on olfactory - tactile channel information.
  • digital personalities. They are based on the subjective - logical perception and understanding.


  • first, determine your lead system of perception. Find the tests for its determination, observe yourself .Mark the words that are often inserted in his speech. This will help you get to know yourself better.
  • the Vast majority of people in the world – the visuals. Use in speech is more than figurative expressions, bring bright colorful examples, create in the imagination of people pictures of narrate. Also stay at a certain distance from the people, giving them the space to see.
  • When communicating with people try to adjust their pace of his speech and voice volume.
  • Eyes very well represent the thought processes. Remember, the person uncomfortable, is either to always take his gaze from yours, and try to avoid it. Or, on the contrary, he will not be stopping to look you in the eye, trying to seem overly honest. Watch which way a person looks by talking to you: often, if a person is lying, he will look down and to the left, taking with himself the internal dialogue and, most likely, trying to think of something. If a person looks up and to the right, so it creates some image, and then to announce it to you. Looking to the right, the person selects the appropriate phrase, and looking down-right, one feels an emotion due to the context of your conversation.

Imangaziyev Arstan
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