"How to grow TOMATOES?" How to build a happy, healthy relationship?


How to build and be in a relationship this is how to plant and grow TOMATOES. Why the TOMATOES, you say?

Well, first, the image should clear the plant known to all,

secondly, this vegetable is the most bright and juicy, and thirdly, hmm...well... I just love TOMATOES!

in order to grow tasty TOMATOES are very important to find good seeds!

  • "SEED"

the SEED is a different person, I was just a word. This is your acquaintance, znakomka with which you can start or begin a relationship later developing into marriage. If the SEED of tomato frail and unhealthy, it usually can be seen immediately. Worth it just to look hard. It is advisable to do it under different lighting. In dealing with each other's friends, on vacation, and ...when wallpapering (or other repairs).

I'll be honest, the SEED selection is a very important moment!

it is important to think well and look closely! If you do not want your children to be crooked/sick/mentally disturbed are not getting married/not getting married on the curves/sick/mental disabilities people. It's very simple. Who are you fooling? Well, only if himself/herself. Some "things" because you can see immediately, or almost immediately.

  • SOIL

If you've chosen a good SEED, you need a prepared and fertile SOIL.

*preparing the space for planting.

a Place to land should be released from the trees (this is your ex men rather old relations with them, and they must be completed and uprooted by the roots out of your heart mercilessly, and full) and shrubs (your fears), grass, doubts and bad moods can be beveled (though I must admit this hateful, insatiable, always coming "the green grass" will get you life. It is a fact. Nothing to worry about! Most importantly timely and systematically to get rid of the overgrown grass. (Otherwise it may become too much like the reeds in the marshes) And you can get lost in these thickets of insecurity and negative attitude. Then it is possible for a long time and to get lost.

But it generated an empty space instead of a weed plant flowers of joy (from a small, nice gifts that make each other lovers before marriage to larger and more expensive)

the Fertile land is a comfortable space for living and activities.

*Fertile soil is a place where there are other plants (in this case people, even loved ones, it is very important to live separately from their foreign parents), away from the acid of the earth, which rots the roots of any future TOMATO! (to terminate or severely limit any "toxic" relationships with friends and family), and try not to put SEED in the swamp, there is a lot of humus, but only the quagmire and suffocating methane destroy and TOMATO and you with him (I mean relationships with people who have addiction, bad habits: alcoholism, drug addiction). Even the best seeds have no chance to grow into something truly fruitful and beautiful. Even the most intelligent and wonderful man, but with a serious alcohol addiction can't be a good father, husband. Sometimes, temporarily, Yes. But then the terrible failures in the quagmire in which they so easily fall, but so hard for them then someone to pull out. Sometimes they drown in it forever...

  • "LANDING".

To TOMATO growing and pleasing you, he needs:

- warm (positive emotions, friendliness, humor)

- light (reciprocity, mutual understanding)

irrigation water (love, the brightness of the emotions).

  • the"WATERING"

(WATER of love)

early In the relationship think that love is infinite, simulatenously resource. I hasten to disappoint you, it is not so.

the Rains (read: WATER) less and less and need more watering. Where do we get WATER if it dries up. And intensity of love experiences drops significantly.Take the bucket and haul from other places. It may be "well" (a favorite pastime, hobby), "the river" (friends and just positive people), sea (a sea, a real, not figurative, this is a joint trip to other wonderful places of the mountain/city mountain/city).

Love is a resource that is wasted if nothing is done, if not to be able to store and produce. A long and painful "death" of TOMATOES.

Store WATER (love)-watering TOMATOES (relationship) and you will be happy! And whatever else I wanted to add? Hmm, I forgot. Well, no matter. Then I remembered. Will tell.

  • "growing pains",

attack the bugs.

Well, our wonderful TOMATOES grew, blossomed and ready to bear fruit.

But the enemy does not sleep! Voracious parasites that attack our young TOMATOES! No! No! No!

But vodyanitskii bugs with combat raskrasok "La Zebra", silently and brazenly devour the tender foliage, looking thoughtfully at you.

But who are they? And where it came from?! So they were always there. You just did not notice them. It was just their time, because we do not, they have created and cultivated. It woke up and rose from the larvae of the last they are getting "accumulated resentment", "outstanding claims", "empty promises", "lies".

Yes, on our TOMATO so many of them! Will survive? No he can not cope. Need focused assistance – "insecticides". What this means is that strange?

This talk heart to heart, I mean two adults start oral...- begins to beat tarelki... again not what we need. So, sit down at the table with a mug of tea and a delicious cookie/cake/candy and start to share WHAT they don't LIKE the way they feel, and offer a constructive solution - WHAT would and HOW they would like to change the situation. Friendliness, efficiency (and sense of humor, but very metered,) are welcome.

Periodically family meetings/councils/meetings need to be repeated when the need arises not brought to emergency, and TOMATO have been saved.

Well, our wonderful vegetable is saved. Hurrah! Yay! We did it!


more Than kept pace and are feeling heavy our beautiful fruits (older children), so our TOMATO harder. He starts for them (the fruits, they are also our children to bend, and even pop, look and begin to break down, not to withstand the severity the Bush TOMATO).

you Need to take to go to the nearest woods and bring, and to prepare the STAKES.

I Present to you the STAKES is all that relieves unnecessary burden from our lovely FRUIT (children). It is the grandparents (our parents), hired a nanny-nurse, part-school, kindergarten (often questionable support, but we won't go into), sections and groups.

To the STAKES to be fully functional, they need to PREPARE and sharpen the execution of our FRUIT. Not all the pins are good and can be a help. There is a very busy business and modern grandparents. Schools and kindergartens can take the baby and give us time to work, but there can be problems. But there's some things you just have to be seen live, they are inevitable.

  • "the HARVEST (FRUIT)".

a Very important time, i.e. the time to remove the crop (to remove the FRUIT - they are grown our children - boys and girls)! Otherwise they will become overripe, you will lose your good form, will exude an unpleasant smell and start to rot, sometimes along with the Bush TOMATO. Do not allow this! Time clearly and consistently separate children from the parent hearth.

Let them learn to learn (here, sorry), to work, to communicate, to set and to achieve THEIR (not your!) goals! And to do it YOURSELF!

the Bush TOMATO after collecting will be easier, but it is not necessary again to hang already harvested FRUIT back to our hive. From it anybody will not be better. Better help your for adults children to find fertile land and ensure the fit is the Bush TOMATO.

And, Yes, dear parents! Most importantly, do not disturb! Not be the most acidic, toxic SOIL for their children, let them nurture your beautiful TOMATOES!

sincerely, your "agronomist-selector" or simply a lover of TOMATOES

V. A.

P. S.

Oh, by the way, I remembered what I wanted to say – good TOMATOES (read relationship) is longevity, attractive look, happy eyes and the joy of life!

in Short, eat TOMATOES, love each other!

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