"How to understand that it is time to the psychologist?"


"As to understand that it is time to the psychologist?" - this question I asked a young mother to psychologists who went never. In her case the situation was quite clear: the child is behaving "wrong", it is necessary to adjust something, and if you won't help books, forums, neurologists, friends and family, mom is going to a child psychologist.

But when it comes to adult, and even himself, the decision to go to therapy will not be obvious. We have so many years of living with ourselves, that like minded, familiar with your demons and do not necessarily fall into serious crisis to seek help. Maybe it's time, if you do not have the answers to questions (for example, friends, girlfriends, astrologers, fortune tellers, healers, religious, philosophical books or movies)

- the reasons for strange or strong reactions of other people on you

- about the difficulties in their own behavior and the causes of its recurrence.

- the reasons for your excess or too rapid reactions and how how to influence them.

- why the problems arise again the same, even with different people and in different areas (at home, at work, on vacation)

- why not make good contact with others when it is unclear what is stopping

- how to overcome your fears without violence against a

- about what to do if you feel living like a fair, but not "my" life do "not their" job

Psychological discomfort in such moments, displeasure, resentment, sadness, jealousy, envy, irritation, anger, confusion, anxiety must be felt as a light warning pain. Such that I wanted to somehow cease to feel them and to take action to understand and figure out. And choose how to behave differently. It doesn't have to push yourself to injury, to include care of themselves. To be quite freedom-loving and brave, to begin to explore themselves, to have power over you - and not only to reflect, familiar riding on rails.

Psychologist, of course, will not give pastoral advice, and does not have to give them, but can show the client the link between its qualities, challenges, personal history, energy, resources, and prospects - so that new perspectives will open the person's drive and fire for a change. To go to explore new lands instead of sitting on the good old Isle, where every day is so predictable like the other.

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