Many women do not know they can or can not live without a partner. We used to talk of our weakness and to justify its actions, those could do, but didn't.
this Begs the question: can't or don't want to live without him?
what happens if you do this, start to live it, and own life? What opportunities are hidden behind the helpless "can't"?
on the one hand, this may be a reflection of our feelings and the inability to keep them in.
on the other is the incapacity to self-responsible life, laziness, lack of will to change something in your own life. Permanent concentration of thoughts on a "beloved" man, so-called, all-consuming emotional dependence on the partner.
Look around and you'll find plenty of examples.
In the first case, when we trust yourself and your partner saying "I love you", allow yourself to feel and say about this partner. Where healthy attachment is a place of love without conditions, joy, inspiration, optimism.
What's wrong with that? The words "can not" may be sincere and somewhat ironic message: "I care about you, love you, can't...(and as a sequel to fantasize:"I want to meet, hug, etc.")
When there is no trust in a pair of these words may be invisible strings of manipulation to control others.
whereas:"love", with the subtext:"I need you, I can't be without you", "no you-no me life" (catastrophe, a whim, a requirement, a cry of a lost soul).
Obviously, that hurts the woman the most. Who is hurting? She. Forgetting about someone really important, mostly about Myself.
We were all born to live and why to shut down the shield from his own personality and its free expression? Why carry through life white flag, on which is inscribed: "I can't!"
"can't ask, can not accept, can not forgive, are unable to fend off obsessive thoughts about the partner"Weak...because... How to be saved: endure, suffer and blame the "beloved" that he has not kept his promise or not...something to hope For in this case totally dependent of the partner? And is often found not only emotionally, but financially as well.
What happens when a woman abandons herself when is in the trap of false expectations? When hopes that the time will come and she will hear the same answer:"Love can not!"
you Should admit It is dishonest, untruthful, deceiving, and she deliberately deceived. It excommunicates her from her feminine nature, from the Creator within, is capable of much. The woman becomes a stranger to herself, she decided to belong to "him", "beloved".
whether or not to make such Sacrifices in the family?

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Pletneva Anna
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