"I want to be a happy person" or "I do not know how else"

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Thinking out loud!

Watching older people, I noticed one difference.

one group of people, the mood is perfect, cheerful. Enjoy doing the usual things. Conflicts - react calmly, rarely offended. If you experience problems - direct all their forces. Are easy to contact.

the second group on the contrary - mood - depressed, lethargic. Any activity cause of the problem. Touchy, from conflict for a long time suffer. When problems cannot solve them.

There are certainly middle. Well it will throw.

Here the influence on people's behavior can have and the environment in which he lives, and temperament, and especially the nervous system, health, anything.

once I was approached with the request, or rather the representative of the second group. That "I want to be happy."

a rhetorical Question. What is happiness? I think all individually.

I Suggested to think if she knows what it is? Did she ever happy?

after a positive response, I asked her to feel it in the Here and now. Feel in the body, specify the location and determine what color it is. She didn't understand what it's for. That was the result efforts should be made and to be patient.

Not once, but all we've got.

Then I asked her to try to draw it. It turned out the sun - large, yellow, with beautiful soft rays. Now the sun is a symbol. to secure the feelings she drew the sun, not only the sheet but also on the palm.

She said that when I feel "Happiness" - I'm getting hot, I like the sun, I want to share my warmth. Then we tried to strengthen this feeling. Went to this for a long time, and got the result.

a few weeks later she came to me said an interesting phrase, "I'm so awkward, even ashamed for what I feel good" "I can't get used to it". I'm so used to suffer and survive. My friends and relatives do not recognize me. Though children really like. (laughs).

"I've always lived like this, thought differently could not be. And here."

what? "Too good, not too good."

Olesya Berestova
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