"I want to lose a friend? Give him a loan". How to borrow money


for Sure, you have a friend or an acquaintance who regularly asks him to take "payday".

  • And, sure, you "lost" friends to whom you loaned the money, but they never returned?
  • No wonder they say — "I Want to lose a friend? Give him a loan".

So whether or not to lend? Let's look into this extremely thorny question (because money relationship is perhaps the most difficult area of relations between people).

to support in a difficult situation — it is a common rule:

  • It can be said that our human "duty" to help someone in need.
  • And when You do find yourself in a difficult situation, someone is also necessarily help You.

How to understand whether or not to lend? Because there is a risk that the money will not be returned.

have Prepared a few tips for those who have often requested a loan:

1) it is Impossible to predict exactly how people will behave in the future.

the Money can return, or not. Unable to pay on time or delayed (because the circumstances may be very different).

I Recommend to remember this every time someone asks You for a loan:

  • should Not be given too much (critical) amount of money for you.
  • Or borrow money that you yourself are soon very much need.

2) You can always refuse.

This is the most important moment!

no One can force You to give him money, it is always your purely voluntary decision. Therefore, you should not put the interests of families below the interests of a supplicant.

  • Although, I admit, always feel uncomfortable saying "NO." The awkwardness of failure is enhanced by the begging, why refuse to become even more difficult.
  • No need for this feeling "walk" through their interests (especially when You ask for too large amount, or does this barely familiar person).

3) Define a feasible sum that you painlessly can "donate" your knees.

I usually do so, saying that "can give 5-10 thousand rubles", because in the next few days I'm very much going to need money. And these 5-10 thousand rubles I am willing to "give" give (i.e. don't expect them to come back to me within the specified period).

4) should Not give money to people who have a problem with them.

usually Ask those who never have enough money:

  • These people are living "from pay to pay" for the reason that they basically do not know how to get along with money.
  • And, as a rule, they "forget" to return the debt.

5) find Out why people got into debt and what is going to give.

Ask questions — what will be spent is taken from your money? And, most important, by what income they will give you?

Take a final decision based on these replies:

  • Trust your instincts, and heard the argument.
  • When in doubt — it is better to refuse or give a minimum amount (which is not a pity to lose).
Think about it — why the petitioner decided to appeal to You and not in the Bank for a loan? Not because that he doesn't know when to give, or he does not believe that will be able to give at all?


  1. do Not meekly to borrow money, not analyzing the situation.
  2. no One can predict how you behave even a close friend in financial matters. That is why they say that "friendship is friendship, and money separately."


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Stuart McPhee
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