"Keep mine at bad game" is harmful to health.


Oh, it's education! Tears for the weak; I will handle it; what people think; loser(TSA); and we are worse; your mother was a plow and you plow going; you must match the ...(fashion, time, untested beliefs about how it should be); you can't trust anyone; we cannot relax, and that everything will go to pieces.

These beliefs form the habit as "be strong". She helped a lot in my childhood, it further strengthened the circumstances. I can't even remember how to feel the fullness of life, because this fullness is often presented as an endless breathtaking act of hedonism.

to Be strong means to pull, not to ask for help, not to cry, not to grieve, to cope, to keep everything under control, there's no time here whining. Where can we afford to be sad.

meanwhile, all non-living emotions impoverish life.

All the unlived emotions lowers our efficiency, creativity, steal the opportunity to enjoy and breathe.

And they remain in the body blocks, clamps and diseases.

And of course live here weakness and addiction, which help keep the frame strong, still as they say "a bad bargain". Namely the food, to seize the sorrow and to cheer up. Alcohol to relax, here are the other "friends of the psyche" and it helps her to cope with the negative, and in fact so common and vital emotions like sadness and grief.

And yet, to contain feelings you need to spend a lot of energy. Of their energy. And that means other areas will not get energy and will suffer. Possible relationships, work, creativity, implementation of plans and ideas.

Summing up, I want to say — sad to health and energy will always, and procrastination, get some therapy too. Life will definitely be brighter!

it is Important to be SAD! Namely:

so many Sad moments how old you are. Here I am 38 and I 38 (do not intersect) trustile. More and do not want.

And again parhaita like a butterfly and enjoy yourself and life!

Agayev Taisiya
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