When Marina Tsvetaeva wrote these lines, she was 28. I was 19. "A trivial story" - you say. Used and laughed...the Usual story...But not for someone who is experienced.

"Take away the cute ships.
Pulls their way white...
And moan is along of the whole earth: "My dear, what have I done?!"

an Ordinary girl, little Red riding Hood, goes out into the adult the world. And mom, instead of having to tell her daughter about with her there, just that forbids to communicate with men.

obedient, secretive girl, not knowing how to ask for help and to demand respect for themselves, childhood is the installation - "you can't trust Anyone".

And meeting with the Wolf and she suddenly, desperately, to death wants to feel desired and loved, to something that is not experienced in the childhood closeness, protection, understanding...And knows how to achieve this...Looking at the examples of friends...what do you think - what would she suggest?

a Small digression: the human brain can be divided into 3 kinds of structures: a new evolutionary ("brain") is the cerebral cortex, where processing, understanding of information received from the outside; old ("the mammalian brain") - here is the limbic system responsible for emotions,
and ancient ("the reptilian brain") - there arise the instinct - "run, run, and in the case of transcendent danger, "freeze")

When we completely fall in love, then we are ruled by emotions and the mind, the ability to analyze information "about him" is disabled. In the end, we can become a toy with which a game - throw...

After the guys who have authoritarian parents, can just assert themselves at your expense...Or "in dispute" - to "raise its authority" among friends...

the morning after the "night of passion" (so beautifully described by her friends), when he pushes you, you plunge into a black abyss...Not live and there are...
Nobody to tell about the trouble...Not one to share...Suddenly laughed at..
"And mom?"..."Come on! She says - my fault, I told you: "No!" And all their troubles, and you're to blame!"

And God forbid:
"child Killer on the court
Stand - doghouse, timid.
I and hell tell you: "My dear, what have I done?!"

Then our dominance will increase. The darkness becomes even thicker..."you can't trust anyone" added another: "I'm a rat!"

As we usually do in this case?

"Seize" or "wash down" the mountain (after all, our brain pain centers and pleasure centers are close by and able to transmit. delegate impulses to each other). So we have food or chemical dependency...

Or become workaholics...
In the end can reach unprecedented heights in their business, showing everyone what we're really!
But we will not become happier...
We do remember: "you can't trust Anyone! Only - themselves!"

After all, we are strong...We - Russians! Our great-grandmother stood shoulder to shoulder with men, in the struggle against the Mongol-Tatars and banishing the French from our land. Our grandmothers fought on the fronts of the great Patriotic war. Our moms in the "dashing 90" was wound abroad to feed his family.

We have everything! But - over time. Not now.

And yet....If you enraged at the "former" - slowly swim out of the pool...

Cry. Tease. Short-term use self-help measures. For example, write a letter to "former", which throw upon him all their anger and resentment (that's how Tsvetaeva - and why not???). Buy the Darts, and leave it in the photo. Or just tear a photo of him!

of Course, this measure is short-term. And need more deep work of a specialist "you can't trust Anyone"...Because in the future can be a repetition of this life scenario:

And I don't want Your trouble "forever barred zaderzhalas" and future children to follow Your destiny.

With regards and best wishes, Elena Olkhovich

Olkhovich Elena
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