In my practice among clients I often meet people with narcissistic disorder. Especially a lot of people amongst drug and alcohol addicts. Let's see, what is the essence of this complex, and why these people are prone to substance use.

Usually it is the children of protective parents. Hyper – excessive care, excessive attention and nurturing of your child. When parents are very concerned about your favorite child, guess his desires, satisfy and otherwise underlie straw, so that, God forbid, it doesn't hurt to fall. These kids are the best, most beautiful, most capable and worthy of my best! It would seem that everything is fine, if not a few nuances.

Hyperuricaemia parents meet primarily their own needs than the needs of children. As a rule, they want to be perfect parents and to provide the perfect life for their child. They are too hard and do not see where the borders of their children, and where they impose their desires, if they are the child's wishes. By the way, they and the children need quite a lot, because they know how it should be, what is right and good that will be for him the best choice, and how it should be. Therefore, on the one hand, the child's wishes are satisfied in full, and the child becomes accustomed to have everything, to be the best, constantly get recognition, and, on the other hand, deep down he still feels like he is not himself, he is (by the way, not perfect) and love the image he is used to match the image of the ideal "I". On the contrary, the real "I" is ignored though, and if observed, it is not accepted or criticized the closest and important people.

a child grows, somewhere deep inside feeling his own inferiority, rejection of themselves, of their imperfection, ashamed of his inconsistencies, his own ideal image and the expectations of others. Partly he is also forgotten how to identify their needs focusing on the needs of parents, and therefore hard of hearing. Without others he seems lost... Even more unbearable is the fact that everyone react differently: one rejects, criticizes the other, the third one just doesn't notice, despite all the efforts... not all of it at once, for something to make a little more effort or just wait... these people since the childhood are not accustomed to waiting, to make mistakes and suffer defeat, Negative assessment of other people can topple them into the abyss of shame and feelings of worthlessness. And the admiration, recognition and praise – to immerse in ecstasy. So their whole life is often intended to elicit other people's sense of self-worth which they received as a child! But we know that life is not as perfect as I would like... to Deal with problems, mistakes, negative reaction of others to their actions daffodils almost unbearable! Therefore, their constant companions become chronic anxiety and tension, therefore they often resort to the help that can alleviate their condition. This can be a loved one who blows a speck of dust, breathing them constantly and admired (and here we are talking about an already unhealthy relationships), and which increases self-esteem. And can be gambling, overeating, alcohol or drugs, changing feelings and the condition of the Narcissus, for a while, but on a much more pleasant and temporarily creates the illusion of well-being or even a feeling of euphoria.

usually, the daffodils are coming for consultation to the psychologist for other issues. It can be depression, difficulty in relationships, a different kind of addiction. More often such people do not reach therapy. And, of course, whether in rehabilitation for chemically dependent people, or in the office of a therapist or a psychologist, or otherwise working with a narcissistic disorder are often at the root of many other problems. Of course, the work is complex and long-term, however, if positive, significantly changing human life and raising it on a qualitatively different level of life!

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