"Love - carrots"- in the modern world

the Theme of relationships , family relationships eternal as the world... . We show fabulous films - where there is love , romance, passion.. And they lived... But in life differently , really.

Relationships in the modern world, family . And whether the family in General? Speculate on a given topic.

there is nobody Not a secret that the modern generation, and not only modern, not very eager to establish relations, to create a family.

previously, relationships, family , was so that the people together was easier to survive , and if even earlier, the woman was dependent, did not work, and needed a man as the breadwinner, the protector. The husband worked, the material provided, the wife cooked soup, washed clothes, cared for their children. Even when the woman began to work and have not had their rights, life together was easier.

At the present time the trend has changed.

Reading different psychological books, drawing on his practical experience as a family counselor, it is possible to allocate the following tendencies, which in my opinion exist in modern society.

  1. People create a family , get married , get married tend to know WHY? the circumstances in a very big and passionate love, (to quickly fly out of the nest, which to all to husband or wife provide, then there is a consumer attitude to the family ) and as a result -Divorce, a lonely life the two of formalism in the relationship, etc.)

2.There is another trend. People are in no hurry to start a family. Why?

Because the Family is seven.

Responsibility for myself and for others,

Love is the ability to give to another


Common interests and values,

Patience and wisdom



the Modern world offers us new conditions for life and in this world it's easy to survive by yourself, one of the most

All for it . Women work, unable to provide for themselves . Domestic issues are also resolved. A different technique to the service of people , a lot of cafeterias, snack bars where you can have lunch, dinner.

That is, in everyday terms, life has become much easier.

Also in modern society there are so-called tolerance, that is, a woman can raise a child, allowed guest marriages, relationships, sexual minorities, etc. People find yourself some air to breathe and the need for love, more or less satisfied .

That is, to family, to relationships imposed new requirements or feature requests .

the family is the development zone, rest, interest and mutual support and growth .

That is a family that would not have bound feet and hands, but on the contrary would give stimulus to growth and development that I wanted to come back.

3.You can select another category , which does not seek to create relationships, family. This infantile boys and girls, with a strong consumer attitude. And the age does not matter.

Their favorite phrase " You owe me. "

That is, the family needs to meet their own selfish needs.. So long choosing, create a casting brides, grooms.

Shows like "Bachelor" or "House 2". ( it is possible to write separate article)

family and relationships - is a big job.

It is the General intention to be there and want to stay.

This is the help, support , reciprocity .

wherever you want to go back ...

Yes, life is changing, changing views, values,

the importance of human relationships - will always and at all times - respectful, kind, sincere.

you have a Good relationship and happy family!

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