"Man" - made in Russia. Instructions for use


more recently, was a kind of new Russian holiday

"the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity" and I remembered such a case.

How to find a family, love and fidelity at any age?

there Was a lot of conflicting responses, but that's the reason I hooked most of all:

By what right, made in the USSR or in Russia, the Man is allowed to hurt a woman, no matter where – on a Dating site, in transport or on the road?

After all, Men made abroad, valid behave decently!

Because we do allow them to do this!

At the same time, our women have always been in demand abroad, as our men, with the exception of geniuses, no one except our women, I'm sorry!

We can say a lot about the wars and tragedies that have brought our country a lot of trouble and took many men and now, they were in short supply.

Only where war and where are we?

Boorish and arrogant men who feel unpunished, was made in the sixties and the eighties!

I Think that you should look for the cause of Russian folk tales, where every hapless, Ivan and Peter was its Vasilisa or Fevronia - smart, wise, brave!

Woman in Russian fairy tales, as in real life, has supernatural powers:

  • to Turn from a Frog to a Princess
  • to Pass through the eye of a needle
  • Heal and resurrect
  • the Horses galloping to stop
  • In a burning house log in

And lying on the couch is an old Russian male privilege.

After the ancestors lay on the stove.

And raise a man can only something extraordinary like war!

In global Affairs, such as:space exploration, participation in military operations, land development, our fellows can be proud of!

Because they are all great-grandchildren of Ilya Muromets

As we all are − granddaughter Elen and Mari Wise Mistress

Even, as noted by a colleague "reference" now the marriage of Peter and Fevronia, very peculiar!

She had to exert maximum effort, and he only make her efforts!

What to do to find happiness with our native Russian man?

Look for answers in fairy tales, in particular, be:

  1. Visionary – consider everything in advance
  2. Initiative – be able, gently, to take the first step
  3. Bold – learn to communicate, find interesting occasions, otherwise, you will be hard to notice among the other
  4. self-sufficient – don't run after those who you do not need
  5. Wise – do not humiliate the man with pity and do not allow to humiliate itself
  6. Sly – learn about the psychology of men, not to turn them away wrong actions
  7. Confident – remember that men love those who love themselves
  8. Adept – learn to teach yourself and your uniqueness

Remember: the simple woman is not in the Russian tradition!

Even cute Nastya from the fairy tale "Morozko", after all, was a little witch.

P.S. But otherwise, she'd managed to stop the onset of morning, Frost enchant and disenchant narcissistic Ivan?

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Natalia Filimonova
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