have You noticed that in society there is a perception that people are practical, down-to-earth – better adapted to life than the idealist, the lyric, romantic?
At first glance, this is logical. Have a "practice" because everything is calculated, "grasped", it is advisable. A female"practitioner" knows that her second maternity leave starts just before the first child to go to school. For six months, say. Or for a few months. So the adaptation was successful. Man-"practitioner" is convinced that is all about money, respect and the ability to persuade. Life "practice of" reliable, rational, regulated and justified. And it seems there is in the life not only of spontaneity, inconsistency or, God forbid, some sort of starry sky, some kind of ideal (what was that about?) and higher matters. If not in this "practical" life and struggles. Adversity no one had planned.
But fate planned adversity and the blows for everyone. "Romantic", for example, know that very well, because of its smaller, compared to a "practice", of attachment to the material, "romantic" more chaotic, lively, and that means time most of these blows to disproportionately conditionally to a given point on the time line. This in itself produces a kind of "immunity" to adversity.
And the most interesting difference occurs when a stroke of fate is so strong that "practices" and "romantic" are directed on psychotherapy doctors more "serious" professions. Here it turns out that all these commandments, ideals, the stars in heavens that are so "bothered to fit" our "romance" allow him to get out of a critical situation faster and with fewer losses than "practice", and then returning to analyse where mistakes were made and what kind. No mistake, dear "practices". And if there were, then, in accordance with the "master plan", which is in each of us the Creator. (Yes, in psychotherapy there is a risk to stop being an atheist. Despite the fact that psychotherapy does not imply religion. ) Where "romance" is quite easy hint – and he was storming to the successful resolution of the problem, "practice" remains annoyed at the factor of unpredictability, which "had to take into account in their calculations." In fairness, if "practices" still managed to feel the confidence to "all this intangible bullshit," he (or she) gets the result's not as fast but it is reliable and stable. Only to feel the confidence to intangible – this is the kind of feat that a few "practices" able.
Conclusions, at least two:
  1. Dear "practice", you can doubt, but just in case, for purely practical reasons – allow yourself to indulge in the contemplation of the Eternal, reading your Bible or the Tibetan book of the dead, meditation is not "health", and "enlightenment".
  2. Dear "romance" when you hear like you are not "adapted to life", "dupes" and "dogs-Yes cats-to-a-house-in-mouth-put-nothing", know that life is a little more complicated than it may seem that you are adapted to it completely differently, and I hope for a Higher justice is very often justified.
Zatrutin Alena
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