In recent years, often hear this question from potential customers: "And You guarantee that our meetings will be the result?"

the Answer is simple: "the Result will be. What exactly, from what it depends - let's discuss!"

Often, going to a psychologist for a "magic pill". Drunk - and everything will work out in relationships with children, with spouse at work. Sometimes, the prompt is this: "Give a "magic pill" to another (child, husband, wife). And I will work out." Or something from the "By magic: I want it, do, so it was." Sometimes "went to psychologists, did everything, nothing helps. Offer more than everything." Learn?

on what does the result that the client receives from working with a psychologist? The psychologist can guarantee, and what is the responsibility of the customer? What client it is important to agree at the beginning?

My clients say so.

I am an expert. Have the appropriate education, you know the psychological basis of the problem that You encountered, and specific modern technology to solve this problem. Have a positive experience of resolving similar problems with other clients. Myself successful in this field.

I will help You to determine the problem, formulate the goal precisely and specifically (What do I want to? In what period of time? How do I know I reached the goal (criteria)? Will help to prescribe the steps to achieve the goal(What exactly do I do to achieve the desired). Will help you choose the technology solution in accordance with Your characteristics and peculiarities of the situation. Helps to overcome fears, doubts. Will help find resources for the movement to the target. But go to the goal is You!

the Psychologist is similar to the Navigator in the car. It defines exact coordinates of Your target, paving the best route and warns about the road repairs, traffic jams, accidents, offers the option of a detour. And "rides" to the target customer.

Can I, as a psychologist to guarantee the outcome of our meetings? The question still relevant?

a Client who understands that only he can change his life, always reaches the goal!

basin Irina
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