Recently to my session came the girl Zhenya ( consent for publication of case received from client), which does not work ... with men.. or Rather, she very quickly got acquainted rather with her familiar. For this Eugene was not difficult, she was always surrounded by male views of the proposals. Have  very quickly she was Dating, she could just go outside, stand and look at the timetables at the airport, petting a dog  and the other, and all.. men like bees to honey flew to her. Dating was a quick, light. And almost a week later it was possible to hear the offer hands and hearts with the invitation to move to his country. Many girls could just dream of . In our time, when a lot of pretty, kind and cute single girls. But Zhenya always was different. And all is good, but always the outcome and the answer was: "No!" the newly minted grooms left, left, left... "No" serious relationship!

We started to work. Method emotionally-shaped therapy to help all. In this work a pleasure. 

they Began to understand with the male part. First came the image of a 70 year old who already doesn't want and can't. It remains only to survive. After using receiving mastoidectomy, a young 30 year old guy.  Very active, energetic, self-sufficient, loves himself, but it is important for him to work, now's not a relationship where I built a ( the girl), she is no place.. 

Jack was a complete reflection of his. Confident, self-sufficient, smart, beautiful girl, but for men simply no room ! All while occupied. No wonder that she saw the same childish in terms of relationships people are not ready to take responsibility. Why would you want to marry? Work,  grow! 

Next we went to the mother and inner child. In 16 years, Zhenia's mother told her: "Why do you want to marry, it is bad!"  Then I went deep imaging, with parent regulations with the transfer of responsibility. A lot of things and very interesting. In the end we went to the man who was internally her, one that was ready for a relationship, confident, knows his business, status and self-sufficient young man.

a week Later, at the next session, Jack said:" I began to see other men!" Those who Zerkalo her own inner man after our work. She even began to dress differently! This story, of course it will continue, but today, my client began to see their men! I think that soon her life will be important changes!

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