"Again not writing... Not interested?"


a Common statement, saying that if a man writes to the woman first, not leading with her an active correspondence with questions about it (as women often are daily "Hello, how are you doing"), not to say warm words in correspondence, etc., then he is not interested in a woman.


However, there are alternatives.
in addition, he may be shy, shy, etc., can still be that:

1. Correspondence is not the format of the contact. He prefers to communicate in person, not correspondence. And write/call when you Orient in their ability to meet. Only for him 5-7 days to be quiet in between meetings it is normal, and the woman is already crazy "where is he, why silent?!"

2. He is generally silent and the conversation's not his strong suit. It can Express your feelings things. But to say the warm words, for example, can not (was not a positive experience) or hesitate ("thank you" numerous stereotypes in the upbringing of boys). To ask questions also may not be able or afraid to get into personal space. He says something only on request. So write every day "Hey, how you doing" it will not. And also write when will be ready to make an appointment.

3. He's just busy. There are periods of wild debris at work. Yes, it appears in the messenger, because answers 100500 business messages, and sometimes even looks in fludecate (to just relax). And Yes, it does not respond to the woman. Because in the communication it is necessary to delve deep and something meaningful to respond and not to abricots in a dry business style "OK" or "come on...". Yes, to answer when he sits in the toilet, it is also not required (although it would seem "got a minute"). Yes, if a woman is important to him and its message requires a response (to his perception of the world, not in it), he answered her. But it's not going to be a long poem with a lot of hearts and will be something succinct and to the point. Yeah, he'll write when he's ready to make an appointment. But the fact that it's been a week, he may not notice, simply because I lost track of time.

For 3-7 days of silence and/or concise answers certain to make conclusions too early. It is possible that a different contact formats and different needs in verbal contact with people. In the end - you can just ask instead of guessing. Although this does not exclude the probability of being in reciprocal incomprehension on the part of men if it is an unusual format daily "Hello, how are you doing," he might wonder "What do you want?".

Build relationships, if so do the needs and formats of communication, is hard. But it is possible.

P. S. I write this note with a phone on the road between a bunch of cases.

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