Men are delicious as bitter chocolate. Yes, they are sweet, but at the same time, not cloying, and as if with pepper. This man wants to enjoy, enjoy every bite, feel how it melts in your mouth.

how delicious to kiss this man! Oh, these kisses taste of dark chocolate.

Yes, there are men which eat everything: to live, to love, to kiss or even hug ... they're simply delicious and we would like the pleasure would never end.

With this man you live life to the fullest, enjoy this moment "here and now" and you are so right ... you just Want to enjoy each other and let the whole world wait.

"Delicious" a man will add some color to your life. With him everything becomes brighter, happier and you will feel more alive and free, more relaxed ... With this man you will have a delicious all your Dating, talking, touching, all will be delicious.

And there are men "tasteless" ... They like lettuce - like and is helpful, right and even necessary thing to eat, but somehow not tasty. .. like something completely fresh or what…

you just don't get that feeling of pleasure which has been with a “delicious” man. And try again somehow does not want.

With "tasteless" man, everything happens like a dull, gray, bland - as if by force. Gone those bright colors, those incredible sensations in their place comes a kind of constriction throughout the body,  just because you are uncomfortable with this man.

With such a man you may feel as if you constantly sit on a strict diet. You all limit yourself and you already rather tired of it all. And so you just do something and think about how you now not to break and again, not to devour the whole tile is his favorite, so tasty and sweet, but slightly bitter  chocolate  Remember that the choice is always only yours ... So make it!

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