“I did not ask for me to suffer and now are not going to feel someone bound” — these words atheists often say out loud. But the same feelings arise, and many Christians. The sense in which believers are afraid themselves to admit it. And are afraid of nothing. 

Is it not logical such arguments? 

"If Jesus really has to do something in the next world is not all there was to do in normal, but not here so: “I suffered and you must suffer”. If He loves us, then we would have to make our life better and not add to her problems. Finds no answer to the question of many people: “Why God had to be so tragic all complete? There is beautifully, convincingly and elegantly to convince everyone they are right? After all, if you do everything with the mind, to find the right keys to the hearts of people, to do wonders to the point and eloquently to sow good, eternal, — that people will believe and will come to the earth grace”. After all, most people — good and reasonable. We would have understood everything without blood and pain (from the events) that is unpleasant to look at..."

Such, or about such thoughts arise in believers and non-believers. 

so, we continue the series of articles on Holy Week. The theme of today's post — good Friday. On this day, Orthodox Christians remember the death of Jesus Christ

On the video to the post — the traditional Orthodox view of these events who are interested. I will not duplicate this information, and let me tell you about the meaning of those events from the point of view of depth psychology.

just about such serious matters do not make sense reasoning Mr. of psychologists (shit-psychologists). And the point of view of depth psychology can be useful for understanding the serious issues. 

In psychology we know that in order to make profound change and to cure the person, you need to go into the deepest depths of his psyche. The problem is that there can be very heavy emotional layers. Contact with them is less severe than physical suffering. And be the person one-on-one with their depths will not do, to put it mildly.

If the Christian God is not held as close as possible to human suffering, It would look something like the one hipster from a wealthy family, who advises to get out of the comfort zone resident disadvantaged quarter in Kemerovo. And how a foreign guy who does not understand what is the real problem. 

But, according to the gospel, Jesus willingly went through such a magnitude of suffering that will be too much for most people.  

From the point of view of depth psychology, to be healed, man must enter into these (negative and painful) layers themselves, to work them out. This is what is called "change yourself". And most of what people believe psychology can be attributed to g-psychology. Because it does not change the person. But only change one illusion to another.  

This deep is closed to the person psychological trauma, pain and clamps that arose when confronted with the dark sides of the world. To reveal to man all its beauty and bliss, which are already included in it, you need to disassemble these clips. 

Let's not to devalue the g-psychology. It can be very useful. But once a person grows to such a depth that understands all the internal pain of each person can win beautiful and elegant as we would like and what we talked about at the beginning of lent.

According to Christianity, God is Love. Love can cure a person.

Source on my blog, LiveJournal.

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