"man" he said


the Man smiled, looked you in the eye, then arrested for a moment look at things in the room where you were so good together. And if doing a favor, he finally said the long awaited words: "Bye, have fun!"

the insult you felt in this carelessly thrown phrase. After a few months of happiness, life together in this cozy nest. First became frantically to sort out the reasons for this unexpected and relentless outcome of your relationship. To seek out, where was the puncture on your part, than you were wrong.

the Reasons were not, and this was even harder and darker in my soul. The door behind the man closed, the room came a deafening silence. Only in my ears still sounded the refrain: "do Not be sad, do not be sad..." willpower you stopped the stream of consciousness - and you can go mad, especially in the empty room alone.

But the idea caught over the offensive, and in fact, meaningless words. "do Not be sad? Sure, I will not!" thought you. And instantly the mind has matured a plan out of the shit. The village, dialed the number on the phone. His fingers were calm and confident voice from trembling. "Andrew? Good day! This is Eugene, you still remember this? Andrew, if your offer still stands, I'm willing to do French. Yes, right now. The number of lessons per week, we will discuss, can come, I'll drop the address".

Then followed the same purposeful and confident cleaning the house until it went to tutor a foreign language. Phone Eugene ordered pizza, his favorite "Four cheese", & drink. The courier just delivered it when I came teacher. Neskuchnie successfully started. Andrew was about her age, and after the trial lesson and the scheduling of classes, she called one hundred years have not heard her friend, and they fell three in the evening in a cafe, dancing, delicious food and good music.

Eugene sat at a table, the walls were probeware blue lights sound to light, master and her friend about something talking animatedly, at times was heard the outbreak of laughter. "And why only I had deprived myself of all of this? For whom and for what missed you next to the person who left me like an empty drinking glass in one day?" Eugene now knew for sure - this experience in her life will never happen again. Enough, missed each other already.

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