There are men that are constantly playing the sympathy card and your maternal instinct. They are all his behavior as if to say you "have pity on me, poor, unfortunate," and then you take and regret. After all, he is so miserable and helpless, like a kitten. As it was such a cute not to take home, but not to warm and not to feed, though..?

 And he will look at you with their big, and so sad, but full like you feel affection and love for you eyes. And all you've decided to fatten and "out" poor lonely kitten in the hope that he will reward you with loyalty and love for the rest of my life. But something went wrong… And after some time, you never noticed this, it would seem, more recently, such a cute little kitty turned  into a big fat, lazy cat who only does that carries food from your own refrigerator.

And when you timidly ask your "kitten" when he finally expects to find at least some work, he proudly says that all the positions that he was offered is below his dignity and all he is "finding himself". Yes, that's right on the sofa in front of the TV with a jar of cold beer and "looking", because you suddenly find? Well, you for that time while he's looking for, if you would be so kind as to provide the both of you, because "kitty" wants to eat - often and a lot.

Well, as you, dear women, here's perspektivka So maybe its better to think carefully before you decide to take home is "cute and defenseless creature"? Understand that men just need to support and motivate, but not always to spare as stray little kittens.

With this your pity nothing good will happen, believe me. After all, the man can easily take advantage of your kind and sensitive heart and eventually just sit on your head and dangling out of its "legs". Do you want it? I doubt very much.

 So stop pitying and start to motivate. And if you see that a man is not as committed to change something and to achieve something in this life, then go ahead and specify your “kitten” on the door of your apartment and let him go back to where you took it. And you still all will be well, you'll see. Good luck to you!

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