"My man"... Why he's not with you


My man.

He minded.
He feels the same way. And hides his true feelings just as we do. He is happy and angry in a similar way. It is the same restrained, or not restrained as we are.
And in sex he is... well ... my people.

him well to keep silent when nothing to talk about. Or talk to him when you have something to share. Talking about anything is possible with those who are not "my man". You talk to him and see - he's here, he's with you, he hears you. And you become easily.

If you need help, ask for it you "my man" is not necessary. He will offer her. Or help without any words - will do it silently and all.

And he smells good, this "my man". Its scent can be recognized among thousands of others.

He likes a lot of what you love. Good wine and exciting journey. Walking through the woods and Pasternak. Once heard, the tune will become a favorite for many years for both of you.

But somehow this "my man" not with you. Or exists only in your dreams. You want to be with him!
Why is he not with you?!

"My man" appears in our lives to show us what we are.
He meets us so that we could meet ourselves.

My man can disappear from our lives. This happens in order that we might realize how bad we are without ourselves.

My person remains in our lives forever when we make a firm decision not to part with themselves.
Not to leave, do not betray, do not cheat and do not disappear.

If you do not met, it means you have not yet met the other important person - ourselves!

Meet, learn, feel, love yourself! And your meeting with "my man" will happen soon!

Olga Fedoseeva

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