"Need to lose 10 kg in order to establish a personal life"...


“I need to lose 10 lbs. lighter Want to feel and to arrange a personal life. There is no motivation.”
1. I immediately drew attention to the word “need”. This suggests that it is not a true human desire. A genuine desire to begin with “want”.
2. “I Want to feel lighter” - the story can be about bodily discomfort, and can be, and about the anxiety.
it is Noticed that the people in trouble feel like taralee. But as soon as the anxiety level decreases, increases mood, appears ease, and even bodily discomfort is transferred much easier.
Often my clients say, what they think, the feelings that they lost, but in reality the size has not changed.
3. To lose weight, to arrange a personal life is a waste of time, energy and effort! Oh, how many hopes crashed against reality! Lost weight, but all of the men lined up. And will not line up because men like confident women of different size.
And your confidence depends on self-acceptance and self-esteem. That they are important to do! Then at least time, energy and effort will not be wasted.
If you met stories about how lost and met a loved one, you know, they are also about self-esteem. Lost weight, self esteem rose, because in most people it is dependent on external factors. The woman became more confident, open, sexy, that's what happened.
4. Motivation there... Hard to find it where “necessary” and no deeper meaning. It is important to find, but not for someone or something, but for themselves.
And yet very often it happens that in the depths of himself a woman and doesn't want to be with a man. It is for her - danger. So she does, of course, unconsciously, to be on the course. Here all methods are good, and not to lose weight including. It is important to understand ....
And you live on the "necessary" or "want"? Do you have experience lost - met a loved one? Or lost - nothing much has changed?

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