"talents Wanted!"


What prevents us to find your calling, discover their talents?

Very often, comparing ourselves with someone, we argue that I'm not like that, I can't, I can't do that, I'll look ridiculous. Recognize yourself?

Because we understand ourselves evolved during the formation of self-concept (about 7 years).

during this period, all the things that we talked about us adults, and has become a source of ideas about yourself, so we began to think about yourself.  And most importantly, understand the mechanism that we have something bad that we should hide from others.

We were told: "...a klutz, all children are normal, and I have..., butterfingers, clumsy, funny (I mean appearance), stupid" etc.

At the time of the formation of self-concept we compare and often not in our favor, we have come to believe that there is someone better than us, he is worthy to be bigger and better than we are, and we are not worthy to be loved just we need to try and be someone, not him, because to be ashamed.

From this we become anxious adults who depend on the opinions of others because you don't know the real me, or think I know, but this character is by them denied, not accepted.

the Opinion of others as a guideline “what I". If they say bad, I-bad, if well, good.

to Be good (just a set of qualities) is better, because then I loved my mom and teachers at school, and therefore society will love and sincerely don't understand when someone just doesn't like to find the reason in yourself, worrying for weeks/months.

Like all becomes an obsessive goal, just do not understand for which task, what the result.

In this lie to yourself we are losing their talents because it is used to suppress your strengths that have been assessed as misconduct. We listened to “constructive" criticism about how we need to do, and lost their uniqueness.

If you are looking for myself and can't find the reason in these internal States.

How is it worked out?

to return to the starting point, remove the installation, to accept yourself fully with all of its “negatives” is to love yourself unconditionally.

then and only Then you can truly taste the sweetness of freedom to be yourself, to live your own life with its own unique experience.

Identify and develop self-limiting blocks in their own subconscious - the process is quite difficult and can take years, decades or a lifetime. Much more effective to develop your work with you on methods of cognitive behavioral therapy. If you want to know more about this, I think, where to start, email me, I will help you navigate.

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