"the Avengers. The final" as a psychological encyclopedia of our time


Man is a social creature. Being born and dying surrounded by other people, we become part of society. Culture as "spiritual veil" of our society reflects our aspirations, fears, complexes. Form of creative expression of culture - a stable provider of information that disturbs the minds of a generation. No exception and our age.

the Phenomenon of comic books and superheroes itself is very interesting and not just podvergalsya analysis. Siselinna , created by the Studio Marvel , striking imagination the scale and variety of characters.

Movies of the Studio is not just "fun for the eyes", it is also a valuable material for understanding the lives of the audience of these films. I want to mention a few topics that I, as a psychologist, you seem interesting and significant in the latest Studio blockbuster "the Avengers. The final".

1. The idea of collective trauma.
We found heroes in the beginning of the film in a state of apathy about what happened in the first part of catastrophe, arranged by Tañase. Throughout the film, these collective guilt and collective shame, are the scenery and the engine of the plot. The disaster has changed everything, and this is the main drama of the film.

Very similar to that experienced by Americans after the events of September 11. The life of the nation was divided into before and after. The feeling of irreparable loss and tragedy forms the world. The world is unstable, and if there's a major conflict, the actions of the parties, too, will lead to irreparable loss of a planetary scale (nuclear weapons, for example). Culture captures this concern.

2. The idea of the action.
Action is more important than inaction. Even more important than sadness. So the Avengers are uniting to at least try to fix the situation. A typical value of generation Z - action as a way to present himself to the world. Well, the influence of positive psychology. And Captain America, as it is adept, comforting and encouraging to other heroes in the movie. The value of activities and faith in a better outcome as the meaning.

3. The idea of feminism, the power of Sisterhood.
Female characters are gaining strength. There is a scene where the main villain confront only female characters. But Captain marvel is actually stronger than all the male characters of the Saga. An era of feminine power.

4. The idea of the anti-lookism (a superhero with a belly instead of the press).
Cheers, and finally in the Marvel universe appeared normal superhero physique. He has a little belly, he drinks beer and is suffering from guilt. However, never ceases to be a superhero. Important message. A nod in the direction of bodypositive.

5. The idea of collective strength.
She is not new to comic book movies. But on this scale, when all the superheroes were United against one enemy, for the first time. Seems, comes the understanding that some problems can only be tackled together.

these are my thoughts about the film "the Avengers. The final". I think you will have your. After all, any handiwork of man bears the imprint of time in which it was created.

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