"Where allergic to my dogs?"


- my dogs are also allergic stress and psychological problems? asked recently in the comments. With overtones of "What nonsense you are Veronica".

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🔹animals do not Have second signaling system, in contrast to the human.
🔹That is, they have no speech, no abstract thinking, not so much complicated emotion.

However, the underlying emotions are still there. Fear, anger, sadness, joy. There is much debate whether dogs and cats feel a sense of guilt. I believe that there is.

🐕But - ask any vet. He says that the stress in animals exacerbated chronic illness, can manifest a new disease (which, until then, was not shown explicitly), the animal under stress are much more susceptible to infections.

So for example, cats with the coronavirus in carriers is recommended to keep away from stress.

does this Mean that the allergies in dogs and cats psychosomatic? Does not mean:
🔺animals have no scenario of life of a man,
🔺no racketeering in feelings (they don't laugh when in sad or when they are annoyed)
🔺animals don't internalize parental messages "do not be healthy"

I'm not an animal psychology, work only with adults. Write about the impact of psychological causes on people. With animals it's not me. Although they like and I have cats.

❓Is believed (but not exactly, and not scientifically confirmed) that animals can take on human disease (cancer for example). I'm not inclined to believe this, there's a lot of magical thinking. Etiology of cancer in cats generally another, not like people.

Returning to allergies. Allergies can have physiological causes and psychological. Can be a combination of those and other factors.
I have not studied the psychological causes of allergies in animals. Perhaps they are, perhaps they are not.

If we talk about men psychological causes is in most cases. You can find them and work through to the symptoms have decreased or completely gone. What the results are - depending on the case.
❗️read More write about it in a special edition newsletter on allergies. Link to 19-minute video about the psychological causes of allergies veronikakraynova.com/videoallergy . Subscribe to it and learn everything.

Friends, do you have any more questions? All what You wanted and were afraid to ask? Write in the comments, we will continue the topic.

do you think cats and dogs can feel guilt?


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