"You will never achieve anything I'll never amount to anything"



One of the most common of our communication disorders. 

the examples are not far to seek. 

"You look at yourself, where you take"; 

"Honey, you might want to go to the accountant, always money is in your pocket". 

And if the first type of depreciation from the outside at least you can recognize and declare the protest, and done out of spite, and not only to obey and execute the program, in the second case, everything is nicely covered care... 

"I care about you, I want the best". 

And the child dutifully stomping to learn accounting. 

And yet somehow always aching sense comments the depreciation of oneself. 

This is some sort of thin place, gentle. You want to help people, trying, both of you work, he tries. And then "Yes, what I have perspective, I'm 40 years old, what are you talking about", "nothing I can't do that." 

And it would be good if it was in moments of despair, it happens to everyone. 

and sometimes like a smooth background. 

And then no psychotherapy will not be able to help. 

Man like you chooses to follow their parents the very words, "you can't, look at yourself, who you are actually, you better, you have a lot of money and not what you like." 

of Course, not just depreciation. 

But now I would like about it. 

Some people do not even realize that they endlessly devalue themselves and feel no pain from this.

There is the pain generalized, and the person does not even feel that constantly drips himself

When You say to yourself that muscles flabby, what a loser, what time do not know anything and live meaningless... 

Then You in a lot of pain. Inside a little child, a little girl, or pretty boy cringe from the immense pain. 

Because now You are his closest people. 

And now You're hurting him. 

And he has less power to live, to love, to dream and to rejoice. And the more he hides and runs away. 

take care of your inner man... 

it blooms when... 

keep yourself imagine, when You within the body, well and happy.

take care of yourself, most of Your circle need You.

And Yes, You can.

Such as eating.

You can. To do.All. You. Like.

Well, that is not prohibited by criminal and tax laws, of course)

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