recently revised "Solaris" by Tarkovsky, I've always wanted to do and finally, the desired happened, got just huge fun, although the author refers to S. LEM very negatively reacted to this film adaptation (as well as to the later Soderbergh in 2002), he wanted to see the movie LEM remains a mystery, but that's not the point. While watching, there were many ideas and views on the content of the story, and want to share with you, please do not judge strictly, it was written in a state of flux.
first of all, what attracted explorers Solaris? Simply planet moving in an orbit two stars, ignoring all the laws of celestial mechanics, in only her slave trajectories, by all earthly calculations, the Solaris had to be absorbed by one of them, but a living substance could change the orbit of the planet without any tools, by a direct effect on the metric of space-time. In the framework of psychoanalysis, perhaps there is a planetary message regarding a takeover or merger with a significant object (the parent) and how to resist some form of psychosis, and psychosis is in fact a complete fusion with the object, Solaris demonstrates its autonomy and self-determination. On the part of the inhabitants of the space station occurs opposite the event, in response to their intervention hard gamma rays of Solaris (which in the framework of psychoanalysis can be interpreted as discarded acts and thoughts which are ashamed to remember and tested podavlenie guilt) they get the "guests" who really embodied the objects of shame, guilt and remorse generated by a living ocean of neutrinos. Inhabitants of station "guests" are in the form as it seems frightening hallucinations and delusions, although their test results, they are not crazy, a kind of psychosis without psychosis. Pushes to thinking about the fact that Solaris is a manifestation of something unconscious, or from the point of view of physics what is shown, subatomic, do not fit into the understanding and its laws. If you continue to examine the phenomenon of Solaris from the point of view of science, it brings to mind the work of the physicist P. Davis "Superpower", he wrote that the new physics has continued to discover unexpected features in the behavior of nature, and each new generation of students-physicists find these ideas strange and even meaningless. In a famous English University at the entrance to the building of the faculty of physics was posted on the poster: “Be careful: physics can drive you crazy!”, I want to add that the manifestations of the unconscious in the form of "guests" that do not fit the understanding of our mind, no less capable of maddening, isn't that what we observed on Board the space station studying Solaris, scientists simply do not understand what is happening and realizing that they have NOT gone mad, are in the deepest depression.
Studying Solaris, scientists approached this with all the human attributes that are unknown and frightening, paranormal, should be destroyed or subjected to cruel experiments. For a century yet studied Solaris, was written hundreds of volumes describing the phenomena occurring on the planet, but it does not promote study in collaboration with the living ocean. The point here is probably likely that humanity has no funds and it was not appropriate to the situations in the story, which would have been understood such manifestations of the living ocean. On Solaris is the life that for a person does not have social meanings expressed in our culture, this simply has no social context. The organization of life on Solaris, just not available for human perception, a person lacks the ability of awareness to understand. That would be more understandable, for example, let us imagine that in our Land, was alien to the researcher, completely devoid of such ability as to experience the feeling of pain, the result of his experiments he found that the gain varied mechanical, thermal, sound, etc. as incentives in turn gives rise to a number of specific, objectively recorded changes in the human body, typical facial expressions, verbal reactions (complaints), high blood pressure, etc. etc., in the flesh to the changes of nerve cells in certain parts of the brain. Is it possible to say that a highly intelligent alien will leave the Earth, realizing that the pain as a subjective reality, as an experience? Because his pain doesn't matter and social context on his planet. the
same thing in the study of Solaris, there is a multivolume description of the phenomena occurring on its surface, but what sense they manifest is unknown. It would be interesting to look at the situation through the "eyes" of the planet itself, but even if we mentally try to do this already Prokrasta heard the creaking of the bed, which the human consciousness tries to cut off all the "extra" does not fit into his understanding.
As I have already mentioned, the study as Solaris and cosmos as a whole, humanity reveals something of the paranoid, according to Dr. Snaut, the person really doesn't need space, he needs to push the earth to the limits of space. A perfect example of these words can serve modern projects for the development of the planets of the solar system, for example, there is a very serious proposal with the help of nuclear explosions on Mars, try to create an atmosphere similar to earth, but what if the life there is in full swing? What if we poor range of his perception, social filters and cognitive distortions, armed with high-precision technology, just can't detect and be aware of and try how small and foolish children, to cram the square into the slot for the triangle?
I would Like to hear your thoughts about the film.

Marchinin Michael
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