"Tales write that people with schizophrenia..."


the other day On my seminar was the student of one of prestigious Moscow high schools. She is studying to be a psychologist. In the program of instruction is discipline “Introduction to therapy”. It is given 2 pairs. So, the story of a girl, all those miserable hours the teacher is very strongly impressed upon students that the stories they write, and even more analyze, the only people who are prone to schizophrenia or already sick of it. the
Sitting I am fully awesome and I think a story that you write?

Far in the North lived a dog husky. In the same way as his colleagues, he faithfully served the man in a harsh region, but unlike other dogs, our husky was an incredible dreamer.
When harnessed to a sledge, and ran the dog on a winter road, then only he noticed what a dazzling white snow around as the sun shimmer on silver branches of trees, as an incredibly fresh smell of the air.

And at night he would spend hours to look at the starry sky that so attracted and fascinated with its unexplored mysteries. Who said that the stars are cold and silent? Our husky know that this is absolutely not true. Heavenly beauties wink all night and talking to each other, and if you believe it, you can hear the amazing tales and stories they tell each other.

But the most favorite and awaited time for the huskies was the onset of the Northern lights. What fancy came into his head when he watched the bright, mesmerizing glow. 

once he heard from people what they call this amazing phenomenon “Fox lights” and believe that this is the Arctic Fox playing with his fluffy tail, carving them bright sparks... And the dog never tired of looking at colorful glow, trying to see that same Fox...
And sometimes it seemed to him that the dwarves guarding untold riches in the caves, accidentally fell asleep, ceasing to hide the gold and gems. And thought the treasures of the world, shining and shimmering in different lights, bewitching with its brilliance each...
And another husky once heard that if you conceive during the Northern lights, he is born healthy and happy...
he Wanted to test, and sold this sign in dogs? But couldn't he find a friend who would be happy  so rare the sun, noticed the beauty of the sunset, admired delicate snowflakes that were whirling in their slow dance, turning everything around in a fabulous winter Wonderland.

And once, when the dog, resting after a long journey, decided to walk around, he suddenly saw a proud, lone wolf. She was so majestic and beautiful, standing on top of a hill that husky realized true beauty until that moment, he had not yet seen.

the Northern lights are an amazing phenomenon, and legend has it that not only children conceived during it, are born healthy and happy, come to pass this sign and the lovers of the huskies.

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