"The criminal chronicle"... the Secrecy of the investigation

He sits, his head in his hands. A look potuplen.

the Eternal problem of the majority – problems with money. Only he with his special taste and scale. I would even say "personal money", such a prolonged-prolonged. About life length.

I invite him to tell how in the moment things with the money.


Spends more than it receives, takes loans, lot loans, loans. There is nothing to give. When you have money, then either there are problems whose solution requires investment; or you get someone from the environment who, well, really need the money, and no right to refuse. He was so tired to solve a problem that is not solved.

All anything, if not for the conclusions that Man makes in the course of his story: "Money is killing me", "Money ruined me", "damn Damn the money!"

do you think that such a person will be with that money?

That's it. I am about this.

not only that, in his remarks, Wikiquote what is called "the hearts", he refused the money and merges them, he still takes his attitude to money on its quality ("Money ruined me"), and their physical condition ("Money is killing me"). That is, to live, to be poor, otherwise, turn on the self-destruct program.


Please draw the map "MYSELF", "MONEY" AND "RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY". And here's a Plot worthy of investigation.

— And what are your feelings when you look at a map of MONEY? (she was right)— how it feels to be a Map?— What sort of emotions?—Where to watch?— See what?— He wants to do?The client responds, and he is amazed how accurately this reflects his situation. And again sound like a death sentence, replica "Money is dangerous", "money trouble".

of Course, take another look at this piece of Money and tell me, can a Person with such an appearance to bring something positive?


moreover, this will see fit to move the mind(((


Most human beliefs are formed as a result of experience, and often they encrypted the events themselves.

These beliefs can become a good hint for those who want to see where actually is the root of financial problems.

Where to look?

What you need to do so the past could remain the past, and today got the opportunity to lay a new Foundation for the development of new programs for the prosperity and well-being?

do Not need to remind you that we each have our own relationship with money. To someone they literally stick, and someone bypassed the ninth dear, someone like through my fingers pass, and someone "once finally accumulate, something happens".

Scripts of the development of relations with money are many, and despite the seeming similarity, each has its own unique and unique "money story".

In recent years much has been written books and filmed videos about how to become a millionaire.

In each training center will offer themed events, practical guide.

Partly agree with the statement "only those earn who offers these techniques". But what about the others?..

Why you not going?

There are people who literally attract wealth. It would seem that until the patch is still far away, and there is literally "time" and "stash" was found, or someone returned the old debt.

other things are exactly the opposite: money flow like water through fingers. Seems to not spend much and work up a sweat, but still has to count the pennies. If you recognize yourself, it's time to understand the reasons and to "uncork" cash flow.

Perhaps the fact that you, without realizing it, prevent the improvement of their financial situation.

what can be the reason:— Grievances and claims to the money. Perhaps you're thinking: "bullshit! How can you be offended by the money?!" And actually it is possible, and how. Many of them even curse ("That damned the money!"). to See the accumulation of material goods as the highest happiness and purpose in life. Money is a tool, nothing more.— the Inability to manage money and appreciate them.You know your situation and have heard a problem similar to yours? Then, think of the following article, as a continuation of the conversation about money, be of interest to you.

What's interesting, here I only superficially touched the issue of relations with money. That is to say, the classic vision and the classical solution no algorithm to overcome the financial well... .

Join the group and stay tuned for new articles and posts. Will surely find relevant information.

better yet, if you take part in the discussion. It is a proven way to begin to solve their problem Here And Now.

If you have everything in order with the finances, you may have such friends or acquaintances who will find this information useful. Then reposte article. And let the seeker will find clues with your assistance.

Thank you for having read to the end.

I'm With you – Olga Galieva

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Galieva, Olga
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