Model "the Johari Window» can clearly show what can be useful for group work (therapeutic and other forms of group work). This model was developed by two psychologists Joseph and Harrington Lift Inhuman. This is one way of self-knowledge.&using this model, you can look inside yourself and find out your strengths and weaknesses, their fears and complexes. And when we know what we're dealing with, then we may have something to do (or not do). 

a model is a symbolic image of the human personality. As can be seen in the figure, visually it is a square divided into four parts. Each part carries some information about the person. Let's look at each square. 

Open. that man knows about himself and what others know about him. The larger the area of the square, the more a person knows about himself, the better he can build interaction with other people, the more he is conscious and Mature. It is necessary to increase the size of this region by self-disclosure and feedback request from others. Other people to us like a mirror, allowing to see oneself from the outside. This area should be as large. 
For independent work. Answer the question: what do you like about yourself, what you show yourself to others? Write at least 10 features. 

I am Blind – this is something that the man did not notice what closes his eyes, what he denies in himself. Work with this area of your personality gives an opportunity to see a log and a speck of dust in his eye. To reduce this area is possible only through communication with other people. What kind of person you are afraid to look in their eyes or the eyes of others, it is better to know your dark side and something to do with them (or to know and not to do), and it will surely help you in your development. 
For independent work. Answer the question: what annoys me most in others? Usually, it's your own negative traits, which you deny. Write 5 characteristics and analyze whether they are from you. 

I'm Hidden – this is what the person knows about himself, but hides from the others. In every person there are characteristics, habits, manners, which he knows but does not want to show others (greed, envy, aggressiveness, lying, sensitivity, tenderness, etc.). To reduce this area, you need to learn to deal with these forbidden forms and bring them with “open”. 
For independent work. Answer the question: what are your traits I'm shy to exercise in front of other people? Write no more than 5 characteristics. 

Unknown I – that he did not know about myself nor the person himself nor others. This is an area of hidden resources, of unknown characteristics. This zone can be reduced by identifying previously unknown abilities, mastering new knowledge and developing new skills. 
For independent work. Answer the question: what would you like to be able to, but never tried to develop? Write no more than 3 characteristics. 

Task group work to increase the area of “open” by reducing other areas. On the one hand, it looks simple, on the other hand, will have to work hard. Awareness and understanding of self gives you the opportunity to understand themselves, to understand the motivation of their behavior, to build effective relationships with others, to avoid many troubles and to cope with stressful situations. Self-knowledge is not a destination, it is a process that can last a lifetime and improve the quality of life. 

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