Positive feelings that prevail in the happy couples related to their friendship, help to understand each other on a deeper emotional level. The more partners do this, the stronger become their relationship.
Many people think that happy relations require a large amount of romance. In fact, it is important to learn to enjoy the little things.
Happy marriages are based on deep friendship, which is accompanied by mutual respect and pleasure from a partner company.

Look around and notice couples who are happy in for several years. How do they behave?
They the same as conflict pairs, solve a lot of problems and arguing on such regular topics as finances, sexual needs, parenting, free time or visiting relatives.
the Main difference between successful and unsuccessful couples is how they can accept their differences in opinion.
Quarrels do not break their relationship, and after a conflict, there is a rapid and forgiveness even after the most ferocious "of the Italian scandal", they can return to a normal state of mind and feel happiness and satisfaction.

Marriage is not just parenting, division of household work and sex. The ultimate goal of every marriage is to establish an atmosphere where nobody is afraid to talk openly about their inner conviction.
What helps us to keep the marriage good, friendly relations?

Support partner. We take different roles - we are partners, children, parents, employees. From the point of view of marriage, perception of own and partner roles may contribute to either the significance and harmony of the relationship, or, conversely, to increase tension.

the Rituals of convergence is structured tradition with a clear scenario on which you can rely on, so you know in advance how the event will unfold and also know what will not leave each other without attention.

the Total goal . In addition to practical purposes, we have deeper desires. One, after a difficult childhood, striving to achieve peace of mind, another important to lead children to goodness and generosity. We often do not share these deep. If you share them with each other, the degree of warmth of your relationship will increase.

the Common values and symbols . These are some of the philosophical principles which lead us to a stable life and represent various tangible and intangible symbols. This family history and photo albums or paintings on the walls...

These four "walls" that help the boat of marriage is not to break the wave of domestic problems and hard to resist in times of crisis. br>
I, as a psychologist, I wish you harmony, vzaimouvazhenija and understanding each other. br>

Litovchenko Elena
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