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What is self-care? The first thing that comes to mind is a cozy blanket, Cup of coffee, sleep and relaxation, i.e. relaxation. And it's not only recreation, but also an effort for yourself.

Signs that a person does not care about:

  1. look and feel tired of life.
  2. He is offended by everyone and myself included, is always a victim of circumstances.
  3. Health is poor, but the doctors do not addresses: "all the same will not help".
  4. Drives at work, and higher wages and career growth is not observed.
  5. All days are similar to each other.
  6. For your favorite things there is no time, or even a hobby is missing.
  7. From the information sources prefer TV news, Soaps, talk shows in priority, because there is full of life and something happens.
  8. nobody likes Him, and if he loves, it's hard for myself to believe it.

If You found at least one of these symptoms, then there is a reason to read the article to the end.

About the care argued the French philosopher Michel Foucault in the third volume of "care of the self" of the trilogy "History of sexuality". He analyzed the texts of the ancient philosophers Seneca, M. Aurelius. Caring is hard work, work alone and public practice, as well as abstinence and testing:

"the Demon of Socrates Plutarch describes such a test...: arousing gymnastic exercises "ravenous hunger" for a long time admiring the luxuriously decorated tables and exquisite dishes and then, leaving to take advantage of the feast to his servants, satisfy "has already curbed the desires of" ordinary unpretentious food." M. Foucault.

In practice, abstinence based and religious posts.

But personally I in any case not bow You artificially limit yourself in something. I think life brings enough trials on the soul of everyone. The organized system of human body itself will reject the excess, if to allow to listen to yourself. But how to fix the system if it failed?

so, the 7 steps to taking care of yourself.

  1. First, allow yourself to take care of yourself without remorse.
  2. Allocate a certain time in the day, which will be devoted to the care of the self in solitude. Let it be 15 minutes or an hour, but this is the time when nobody disturbs. This morning, when everybody is still asleep or late at night when everyone's asleep. This is Your time.
  3. Define your boundaries in relationships with family, with colleagues. To end the relationship, which You are destroying. Surround yourself with people who support You.
  4. take Care of your health: do not ignore pain signals of the body, not to self-medicate, to provide at least minimal physical activity and a healthy diet.
  5. Find a favorite thing, although the work also can be a favorite thing if you "accept" it in moderate doses.
  6. Ask for help, when the most difficult to handle. This does not mean to be helpless. It means to trust another and let him feel needed.
  7. to Make efforts to change something. Let it be small steps, but they will lead You to the cherished feeling of harmony inside.

that You are someone who can take care of You, to knit a warm and cozy blanket to cover them. Although, when You begin to take care of yourself, next certainly will be the one who'll hide You in the quiet evening at home.

R. S. If the implementation of some paragraphs is confusing, I'd be happy to help on advice. If something does not agree, write in comments, I will be useful to expand their vision on this topic.

Tatiana Razman
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