Why someone has the right to question my achievements, Hobbies and happiness just because I have something there?

"Why such a beautiful one?",

"what, you're not married yet?!"

"When are planning to give birth?"

"there is no higher?"

"And you?"

"Like normal and still single?",

Yes, one, but without a job and happy!

at what point In the presence of her husband, children, work, anything became a criterion by which to judge of man, his "normality", its "success".

Suppose I have a lot no, but I still have something to lose, finding something I still Have the option to choose!

make the choice, ie be based on their desires and not out of fear of being like that. Not from the demands of society, culture, traditions, and desires of other people or compare yourself with the benchmark.

I Have the time and opportunity to meet a man with whom I will be happy. Give birth to how many children we want, and then when I'm ready.

to Work or not to work, to choose how I waste 8 hours of your life per day! To or no higher education. Yes, even at the end of rounds, to have sex on the first date and not feel this is available! Because it was my choice!

There are 3 types of people who pay attention to the fact that I have something there.

the First two are those which are not at all concerned, but it is interesting because:

  • they don't Have it, and I for them as a salutary argument: "Marinka either, and she's happy, I'm entitled!".
  • they Have it, and I for them it is a reason to feel superior, or omotenashi experience, or to put yourself in the position of counselor, etc. They genuinely don't believe that I don't want to live just as they are, they are even offended. And they even begin to doubt your choice.

the third "type" are my parents!

I understand their parents. Their desire to see me with a man. I understand that they want to see our grandchildren, and they have every right to want it, and I'm glad! Glad they're waiting for, love and want to see more of my children. Ready to take the family of the man I choose. And I am grateful for that.

But you can't rush me, do not think that no matter what they want – I'm miserable. And if I never marry and not the face, sorry I couldn't make You grandparents, but it's my life, and I have a right to it.*


don't make your happiness or joy dependent on the other person or ask him. Leave another opportunity to decide for themselves. You will experience more emotions, if he decides himself on something you will be happy than, when he had just to fulfill the obligations.

do Not confuse your desires with strangers. Please do not question your choice, only because the don't want another!

If You have something there, remember, it says only that You have the opportunity! The opportunity to live his life to the most!

I Wish You freedom and happiness!

*Written on behalf of the "collective image".

Andriana S.
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