Oh, I'm sure that under this "cry of the soul" subscribe to a considerable number of the fair sex.

even despite the fact that you know perfectly well that "people don't change" and that "the leopard change his spots", as soon as the information type is "Teach to inspire!" - and I want to go and learn to do it. Because then you get a great way to influence!

At the same complains of the modern woman:

  • it is impossible to convince of anything
  • he sits at the computer and spend hours playing/watching nepolice/hangs on Dating sites/porn
  • he is not gentle, not careful
  • a jealous and despotic
  • humiliates and criticizes
  • can take responsibility
  • does not notice the children
  • cold and otronen, you brute, "insensitive!"
  • he.....and you can go on forever!
  • And very understandable sense of that which, coming home from work, having to drop the child to the store, comes home and ... BAM! The second shift! Homework to do, dinner to cook, we need in the apartment during something to clean up ... But it is! But he sits quietly at the computer/TV/phone... And no one touches... "Damn him!" And Yes! In the shower it is boiling. Resentment splashing over the edge. Fatigue and frustration are through the roof. And, worst of all, you don't know where to look for the exit.

    the Talk does not help. Well, maybe a little tension.

    And yet... we Have to admit that the choice she made... Sorry, hopeless.... But once he won the heart because it is said that family is important to him, that he is ready for you to move mountains. He was sure you saw his potential, and believed in him. What happened?

    the World is our mirror. Inside – and outside.

    Man you reflects your Inner man. And shows you his potential and his shortcomings. And if you look and want to know your Inner man, you will see that it has great potential (is it you reflected your choice at the beginning of your relationship). Now reflect to you what that potential within yourself, it is important to develop and open up. Take care of yourself, start to intensify the potential of your inner man!

    Still works and Vice versa. Once your man saw you as the beauty and fullness of your femininity. This energy is captured it. And to him was very dear. In you he saw your Inner woman. She shone and conquered it.

    But time passed and appeared on the surface other roles: mother and housewife. These roles have consumed you. Disappeared your femininity and sexuality, tenderness and love... And now he was not inspired and disappointed. As well as you.

    But we can influence it. After all, when we begin to develop our inner male soul mate, our femininity is also blooming. And in your family system changes start happening. He sees again the woman: delicate, fragile, loving. And he wants to protect and produce, admire their exploits.

    And right now I want to offer you to remember that your man wants to be manifested. Your femininity want to flow in life, leaving behind a trail of love.

    Imagine the mind meeting with Inner man. Talk to him. Then imagine that within your heart the flower opens, radiating energy. The energy of this heart-flower and your heart flower sent to each other and exchange energy.

    Share your feelings about this meditation in the comments. And register for free webinar "How to change your man", where I'll detail how we women can step up in our pair of protector and provider, not crushing on the man, and affecting solely on your inner world. To really feel like a real woman with a worthy Man!

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