To allow the client examples, even in General terms, with an assumed name, the consent of, therefore once again rely on their experience.

we All know that:

And cope can not everyone!


Here, why?

  • Oncology unresectable stage overcome and live!
  • With a stable work left and private practice, which is well "fed" easily opened!
  • broken in 2 places by foot, as Maresyev (Bravo to those who remember such a hero) dancing!

All-powerful, and weighs, like, laughing, as if to mock: "one step forward, two steps back!"

Eat small, anniversary, any piece of cake!

Ordered food from the Georgian restaurant, not to stand with a broken leg at the plate.

  • Barbecue
  • eggplant
  • vegetable appetizers

From all "harmful" maaaaaaaany, hachipuri cameras.

a Video of me dancing on a broken foot here

Like, "lighter", and that's not for me to decide this problem!

Result: to throw over a month 5.7 kg a crossed-out typed per day 2.5 kg!

When you want to give yourself a subscription to a fitness, broke his leg, out of the blue!

There is a feeling that someone or something is profitable for me to stay so that life honey did not seem!

His secret "benefit" today I finally figured out, but yet will modestly keep silent about it.

the Important thing is that I have this secret, already knew that I know now in which direction to work on personal therapy.

We psychologists also go through it even have to do this!

And this is a breakthrough!!! The mood was better, despite the fact that my profits are sad.

And for anyone who is interested in this topic, list the main benefits of the "to be not the most svelte version of yourself."

Benefits can be multiple:

  1. Loyalty to someone of a close relative, e.g. mother or grandmother, a latent desire to be like them.
  2. weights "significance"
  3. the Idea that "losing Weight, so sick" or weight loss can lead to loss of life.
  4. a Latent desire to be like a pregnant woman
  5. Fear that the great weight loss sagging skin.
  6. there will Be more wrinkles.
  7. a Fear of disappointment, that "After these efforts, nothing will change in my life."
  8. Unwillingness to have sex with a particular partner, or even, "I'm not attractive"
  9. a desire to punish the husband/partner for anything: "Let you have a fat wife, beautiful you don't deserve!"
  10. Fear of change "If I get a bit slimmer fly on the wings of new love in a new life!"

At different ages may have different benefits.

While nobody rebuffed a genetic predisposition that complicates the task of weight loss.

P.S. And if You know of other "secret" benefits of excess weight, share them!

Natalia Filimonova
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