I like to watch movies and TV shows. Especially when the screen show the work of the psychologist. Curious to see how it present my work filmmakers. It seems to me that the profession of psychologist, in the movie, by frequency of mention in third place, after police and bartenders.

But I was under the impression that Directors and screenwriters the idea of the work of the psychologist is very one-sided. Maybe they've never been to a real psychologist?But in vain....

a Strange and mistaken notion they have. As the Americans about the Russian. Every time they show his films in Russia, they are placed in the frame of a bear, doll, hat with earflaps, boots,caviar and vodka.

the image of the psychologist the same thing. Psychologist in movies and in life-are two big differences.

I Offer you 10 differences real psychologist from the cinematic. If you know any more differences, then write. Add to the list

1) In the movie, the psychologist invites the client to lie on a couch or sit in a chair and listens to him, slowly shaking his head, occasionally asking questions. Sometimes, using a hypnosis and motivational

In reality, the psychologist not only listens. He uses many different psychological techniques. Symboldrama, art therapy, metaphorical maps and much more. Each specialist its own set of good techniques. Counseling is more than talk. It's a job.

2)the Psychologist in the movie solves the problem for the customer. Tells where to go, who to see, what to do and what to do.

In fact, the role of the therapist is to help clients find the answers to his questions. A real psychologist could recommend something, but in any case does not give "advice or guidance". The purpose of the consultation is to help the client to learn to solve their own problems.

3)To the psychologist in the movie lead the customer almost by force. By threats, blackmail and bribery. Husband -wife, wife-husband, mother-daughter, etc. ie, customer lead relatives, because I think that problems that should be addressed with a specialist. Although the client wishes to communicate with the psychologist.

In fact, for a consultation come voluntarily, knowing that there are problems that need to be addressed. If relatives are angry that the behavior of a close person, they themselves should go to a psychologist and to understand the causes of his irritation. I.e. to change ourselves and not the other. And even if the client truly needs psychological help, until he wants to change, the psychologist is powerless.

4)the Movie, the psychologist is psychic having super abilities.At a glance,the pose, dress, and gait, he could tell the past, present and future client to know its underlying problems. And using manipulative techniques to quickly build client.

actually, a psychologist is not a psychic. He can't read minds. You must talk to him. To tell what you think and feel. The psychologist will ask many questions, offer to perform the various techniques. To help understand the problem and find solutions.

5)a Psychologist from the movie to share with friends and colleagues stories of their clients

In reality, it is important to between the client and the psychologist established a relationship of trust. All information obtained in the process shall not be disclosed. All that is said in the office of a psychologist, and will remain there. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

6)Kinesiolog uses honest methods to influence the client, with the purpose to obtain the information he needs to use it for their benefit.

of Course, this is unacceptable. The goal of counseling is to help the client. No benefit, except for payment for their services, and moral satisfaction from the done work, the psychologist does not receive.

7) Cine psychologist intervenes in the life of the client. Can follow them or meet on neutral ground to discuss his life

In the life of the client and the psychologist just hang out in the office. Of course, by accident, they may meet on the street or elsewhere. In this case, the client does not even have to shake hands with a specialist. No one will take it for rudeness. The psychologist understands that the client may be a reason to hide from others, the fact that he works with a specialist and one such public disregard.

8) Virtual psychologist he needs therapy. Behaves aggressively, inadequately, roughly, and incompetent. Allows rough attacks. He is in a state of stress or anxiety and can not cope with their problems, not to mention, to help other people.

In reality, the psychologist, before starting to work, considering their problems with their psychologists. Mandatory supervision. And if the psychologist feels that his psychological condition does not allow him to work efficiently, then consultation is terminated. And the psychologist did not begin work until you solve their problems

9)the Psychologist in the movie drinks with the client during the consultation.

In reality, consultations may not be conducted with a person who is in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication

10)Cine psychologist had sexual relations with a client(client)

Sexual relationship between a psychologist and client is prohibited. How wouldn't want any of them. If you still have any relationship, the psychologist work with this client no longer has the right. The Union of the client-psychologist is broken. And the relationship turning into informal channels.

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