Love is never perfect. Don't expect that from love, otherwise you'll be disappointed. Never confuse love with passion.

Passion and a hobby — it is not controlled by one's attraction to another person, which is not based on common sense, and physical or emotional attraction. Passion is more like a racing car that travels at over 300 km per hour on country roads. Love is more like a ride in a comfortable and safe car, which always cope with local road conditions, no matter how hard it is. Passion starts with the growing interest in the other person. A clear sign of the passion is the desire to be with others at any cost. This is reminiscent of the madness. A person spends days and nights thinking only about the other, however, he becomes very sensitive and emotional. The mood abruptly from euphoria to depression, which is expressed in physical and emotional fatigue. And to overcome it is difficult.


Passion becomes the center of life. People brimming with optimism, he sees no obstacles. He believes that should be with another person because it's intended destiny. Passion is idealized. Hope wins out over common sense. Love makes the person a sense of security. The love allows to look sensibly for the future. Love makes us happy. Consider the main differences between the passion of love.

1.Love wants to give and give. In the passion of person wants only to receive. 2.Love for a long time. Passion is short-lived.

3.Love is reasonable. Passion contains more emotion than common sense.

4.In love, people trust each other. Passion people do not trust each other and even themselves.

5.Love is safe, and no passion.

6.Passion ends without physical intimacy and love will continue. br>
7.In the passion of the people looking for instant gratification. Love — algotechie. br>
8. In the passion of people wants to be different — perfect. Love a person does not wish to represent anyone else, and remains true to himself.

9.In the passion of people forget about everything except the object of his desire. Love is also mindful of others.

10.In passion, physical beauty and attraction is paramount. In love, physical beauty is of secondary importance.

 you See, there are many differences between passion and true love. And do not confuse one with the other.

often In life a person experiences through one and through the other. One brings destruction, the other brings happiness.

And if you have gone through all the rage, then to recover, you may need the assistance of a psychologist.Because the road to recovery will not be easy.

take care of yourself! And all the best!

the Psychologist Solovyova Larisa Alexandrovna

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